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By jenika
i think pregnancy is beautiful. a lolita pregnant. you know ddlg fun with a big belly. idk. how do i get my daddy to whipcream in me? he wont. we always use condoms but i want to get pregnant by Daddy so so so bad.
By Magnus
i thoroughly agree with that. it totally is. and i'm gonna sound like a horrible person for saying this, but there's always the old "poke the condom packaging with a sewing needle" method :P
By JuneStar
I would recommend talking to him about the interest. It may very well just be a fantasy of yours. Having a child is completely different than having a little cummy fun and pretending a pregnancy risk.

You have to be ready to raise the child from birth to adulthood. It means making a lot of self sacrifices, doing things the hard or long way, and giving up a lot of what you perceive to be adult freedom.

For example, if you often run around in just panties at home then, eventually, you may need to give that up if you're raising a child.
For example, if you want to go out and hang around with friends until 3 or 4 in the morning then you may need to give that up if you're raising an actual child.
For example, if your Daddy works a job then full childcare (and that adult responsibility) may fall onto your shoulders.
For example, blowing that extra $100 on cute ddlg dresses may be cut off and turned around to blowing it on formula, diapers, or paying hospital bills from the birth itself. (We're talking ~$10,000, apparently, to pop out a kiddo these days)

Please don't be deceptive and trick your Daddy into getting you pregnant. You need to talk with him first and decide if you, him, and your relationship is ready to bring in a baby. If not now, you might be able to start up a plan and develop a timeline that will work for you two!
By mdlgcnfsd
I agree with Star. Don't deceive your Daddy into getting you pregnant. Talk to him and see if you two can plan something out. Plus, this might just be a fantasy for you and not a reality. It's okay to indulge in fantasy by taking precautions to not make it into a reality. Talk to your Daddy. Tell him how you feel about this and go from there.
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