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Hello! I am a 20 year old trans man. I have repressed the part of me that finds comfort in age regression for a long time. I have been talking to someone (26 male) online for about six months and we’ve met in person and have grown fond of each other. I told him recently about how I took myself toy shopping that day to make myself feel less stressed and he picked my brain as to why from a nonjudgmental standpoint. We had a long discussion and he said that he’d love to be my daddy when I eventually move in with him and this wave of realization washed over me. This is what I need to help me. I have terrible mental health and even though I’ve repressed it the only thing that has truly calmed me down is little space. So I defined some things about myself.

Though I am trans I prefer to be referred to as a little girl during little space. My regression age is about 3 years old. I like the cartoons designed for older kids, however. My favorite toys are stuffed animals, wooden play food, dolls, and the big legos. I also love crayons and get especially excited over the big boxes with lots of colors. Daddy set lots of rules for me, including a routine. He helps me brush my teeth and wash my face every morning. He takes me to the bathroom when I need to. He prepares all of my meals and gives me juice to drink in a sippy cup to keep me hydrated. He gives me lots of attention and makes sure I get time to play with my toys and watch my cartoons. I need to pick up my toys when asked and eat everything on my plate.

These conditions help me feed and take care of myself properly since I tend to struggle to do so on my own. I have an eating disorder and major depressive disorder amongst some other things. I came on here today to ask for any tips to help me enjoy regression more and some resources on where to find some adult sized little things, like pacis and I’m looking for the pajamas with footies at the end. Anything helps. Thanks!
@Rossyhorror, Awe, I think that is super cute... Everyone needs good structure in their lives and I'm happy you found a daddy that makes you very happy!!! At this point, I think Etsy and Amazon are going to be your best friends for your new journey (you can also find little online stores). I really hope you have a great day today and I hope this could help!!! :)))) :yay:

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