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I have been hiding being little from him for 18yrs. He always thought I was just being cute or roleplaying. I used this site to finally tell him about being a little. He is trying to understand. He bought me new hair bands and baretts. He also bought me a teddy I named papa bear, but he told me he needs a wife not to raise another child. That made me so sad. I cried because I thought he was mad at me. He hugged me and told me he wasn't mad, but needed to by himself. He likes to play video games alot and I am left alone and sad. I am not sure how to tell him I need a caregive that will take care of me more when I am in my littlespace. Please help.
By Deleted User 70612
First and for most you need to think long and hard how is he going to take you going outside your marriage because that is what you are asking of him even if it not physically intimate. I hate to say this but this should have been talked about before ever stepping into marriage and how your partner may take it. This is not the lifestyle for everyone. How he is taking it is how a lot of people would take it. He wants just his wife and adult and wants you to be those. Now if he is unwilling to let you step outside your marriage and bring in another partner (because I am sorry that is want it is ) are you going to be okay with staying in a marriage/lifestyle where your needs are not been all the way met too.

You two will need to sit down and have very long heart to heart talks and I hope it does works out it is going to be hard and long road.

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