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By Deleted User 68499
hi :pinkh:

i wish i knew more technical language so i could be more clear :( my name is anna, but i like it when people call me ani. i’m 23, but i’m really about 11/12, i never got to 13. i’m a little

all i want is to be able to stay in the space that i allow myself when i’m alone, and i let myself feel my age. i have lots of stuffies, i let my brain go all fuzzy, i just want to be taken care of. i have so many interests and cute clothes, but i feel constantly judged. the exhaustion of “masking” all day makes me feel like i’m dead by the time i get home. i work at my local university, but i get taken to work. i feel safe around my mom, and i did a little around my ex, but he revealed to me after we broke up that he never liked being my daddy to begin with.

honestly, i’m just looking for advice. i have to be at college all day, and i feel so alone. i feel crumbly all the time, and i wanna decorate my room all pink and cute but i’m too exhausted from hiding all the time. i regress all the time in public and i don’t know what to do, because i guess it really isn’t even a bad thing. i am a little girl, i just don’t know how to take care of myself.

i’m sorry if this isn’t the sort of post that i’m supposed to submit here, i hope everyone is well :ninni:
If this comes across mean I am sorry. It sounds like you may need to talk to a therapist if you are having trouble controlling your regression in public. As an adult you should be able to have some control over your mental self if not that is a mental problem ie a Psychiatrist needs to address the underlying root of your issue.
As for having someone care for you that is great but you also can’t be little 24/7 there is no such thing in life. That too is a mental issue. I understand about the exhaustion of daily life and just wanting to play and have fun so create a Routine so that you can put in place fun time to relax and be in little space in a safe space. Does this mean you can’t play at the park no. I do and I swing and have fun all the time who cares what other think. However am I sucking in my paci and asking for my snackies in a little voice out in public either no I am not. You have to remember we are adult and there are people other than ourselves in this world.
You need make a list to follow on how to care for yourself as well. If you feel safe with you mom ask her to help you with all this until you can find a safe and caring cg. Until then I would highly recommend talking to a therapist for the regressing getting out of hand in public that sound like it is a problem wait to happen.
I hope you find the help are look for.
That sounds like a trauma response and you may need to look into therapy. As for looking for a partner we do have a personal site that you can post on and our sister site called

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