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Littles here answer questions about being a Little.
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My good triggers are:
-being called little pet names (baby, little one, also good girl)
-watching cartoons and Disney movies
-cuddles with my stuffies
-when mama tells me to get my paci and blankie

Bad triggers are:
-being yelled at
-being overly anxious or stressed
-being tired but not being able to sleep
By Deleted User 71056
My little space is kind of a result of my mental health. When i’m highly stressed or triggered in a mental health way my poverty of thought and speech kicks in which makes me seem more childlike. Coping tools for self soothing like stuffies, my pacifier, coloring, and being able to lean on Daddy for support are what help me feel safe in little space and able to work through it so that i can be a functional adult again when i have to be.
By Deleted User 71090
1. When I feel like crying and stressed out.
2. When I want to be lonely with just myself.
3. And, sometimes it just happens.
Well, I am still learning about this side of me so that's all..
I've noticed I get little a lot when watching kiddie shows with my friends over a chat site. My bff and I watch a lot of cartoons, a lot of which are kids ones. We especially like tf so we watch a lot of the tf shows and even watched the kiddie spin offs and those make me so little. And recently we've been watching baking shows together too and that's been making me get super little sometimes, especially when one of my friends is little too during it. And being around other people who are little makes me get super little too.

Kawaii aesthetics and cute stuff also makes me get kinda little but I can control it enough that like, let's say I'm out in sweet lolita with a cute kiddie themed print and in a toy store or something, I can be not noticeably little to a point people would notice. Which I guess helps a lot being a lolita since a lot of lolitas are incredibly uncomfortable with agere and cgl due to really bad experiences with creeps who try to hide behind those and I don't want to make people uncomfy at meets.

I also get little a lot when cuddling my plushies while alone. I spend most of my time alone in my room because I can't work due to disability (well moreso I can't drive and live too far to talk to work and online job searching goes nowhere) and am in a rather toxic household and too far out to walk anywhere safely. So I end up feeling really lonely a lot which makes me get little.

Also I get little sometimes from stress or being overstimulated or panic attacks, but that's very much a cptsd and possible osdd-1a thing.
While not confirmed, I may have some triggers. Some of the known ones are: Me sucking my left thumb, Being forced to walk down stairs I've never experienced (I have severe bathmophobia, don't judge a male book by his regressing cover), The reawakening of any of the female Regnalds (Namely Ceciva and Nauranathuima, Shikue's former mother pre-earth), hearing Hylia's voice (that's what caused the incidental regression FSSR), Hearing the eight melodies (from Mother/EarthBound Beginnings, am I Ninten Renima or Link Ashrt), and last but certainly not least, hearing canon in d major (due to being creeped out by its chord progression). I may/may not be the strangest cross-eyed, semi-psychotic, hylian-Iowan, male little out there, but these are my actual Triggers, don't laugh.
so I am still learning this one.
But Im finding some new things that put me into this headspace would be definitely cartoons and coloring, but I personally prefer colored pencils over crayons-but I will use them. Also when I go play with a few specific toys, I like to make believe with stuffies. Or build with Lego's. I also like to draw or sketch and when I just let go and don't care about how perfect the pic has to be I feel like I slip more into little/middle space.
I want to try barbies....but I just get nervous when I get to that aisle and leave without any. I honestly was thinking about trying again today when I ran to the store. I played with Barbies a lot as a kid and I enjoyed it.

Also when my partner uses certain terms or phrases that make me feel smaller or younger. Especially when he helps me with certain things that are out of my physical capabilities. Like opening jars I can't. Or reaching for something I cant. When he uses certain hand gestures, like snapping his fingers and pointing in front of him. Its like an immediate change and I don't always recognize it until I hear my own voice has lightened and sounds younger.

I hide my phone because the second a notification goes off I feel like I slip right back out.
I have my own playlist I created, only certain songs and music make me feel little.
It also helps when I dress in certain clothes. :stuffie:
one thing that really gets me into little space is horror or scary things, I tend to like it more in that head space than not.
Cute animals
cartoons and anime
baby and childlike things especially pacis, bottles, and sippies plus stationary
learning new facts and lessons
and just a few others
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