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New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Hi all. I’m new and I really have liked when I have regressed before bc it makes me feel safe and it makes my anxiety and sadness go away. However, I don’t really know what my “little age” would be and I don’t really know how to make a little space at home or how to deal with regressing in a non-home setting. Any advice is appreciated. :pheart:
Hello :hi: well when it comes to finding your little age you could see what behaviors you exhibit in littlespace and see if they correspond with any specific age and if you behave differently everything you regress you might have an age range :yay: . When trying to regress at home you could do things like wear comfy clothes, such on a paci ( If you have one and there's no shame in not having one), eat/drink foods that you associate with being little, and what's shows or other things you associate with being little. A good way I have found when dealing with regression in an out of home situation is telling a trusted friend about your littlespace sometime prior and then going to them whilst regressed ( note 📝 you don't have to tell anyone it's just something I found that works for me)
I hope that helped monkeybananana2 and I'm glad you joined your gonna really enjoy spending time on here with every amazing person on here
hi :) i personally have always had a hard time with age and sometimes i feel a different age. its okay if you dont know your litte age right away. my paci really helps me regress if you're able to get one on amazon they arent too expensive. do you have any items you can keep around you that help you feel safe or small? stuffies, a sippie or just a regular cup with a lid and some stickers if you cant get a sippie. i hope this helps :pinkh:
I feel mostly like I am most comfortable in the 7 to 10 age group.
When I was that little, for real, I could do things like make pop tarts in the toaster and watch cartoons on Saturdays. I also drew pictures without self-criticism and imagined being an astronaut.
I still watch cartoons and anime in my pajama and just binged on Space Dogs movies.
It makes me happy and takes me back to a more care free existence.
I just do the things I remember doing then that took me away from my cares.
I'm not entirely sure what age I regress to and I think it often depends, so I usually just give a larger range for guestimation.

I think it's perfectly fine if you have no idea what your little age is. If you want things to help you when you regress, maybe instead of figuring out age first and going on that, try to figure what you want while you're regressed. Do you like things like a paci and plushies and little kid's cartoons? Or do you like things like superhero comics for big kiddos and putting together kid's build kits? Etc.
I don’t really openly regress, but for me I always tend to regress to a more helpless mental state, particularly when I’m having a lot of strong emotions, such as anxiety. And I don’t really have a definite regression age, but I just like to say that it’s about one year, even though I still walk and talk while regressed.

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