New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Okay so i have been curious about the ddlg lifestyle for quite some time now and I think i’m finally ready to start experimenting for real now the only problem is that i’m still a virgin… and i feel like my inexperience might be a turn off or a deal breaker for a daddydom. How do most daddy’s feel about this?
Being a Little has nothing to do with virginity status.

Anyone seeking a relationship commitment based on sexual experience is being ridiculously immature. I wouldn’t place any faith in them being a decent, reliable Caregiver if they only care about your sexual history.

As you get to know potential Caregivers make sure to eventually discuss sexual expectations, concerns, and histories. It’s very important to invest time in getting to know a person well before agreeing to a commitment. This isn’t a BDSM scene you’re playing out, you’re dealing with deep emotional connections and vulnerabilities in a pretty serious commitment.
Hello there.
No CG thats really dedicated <or really thats worth a dang> is gonna shame u for being a Virgin. A good on is going to realize how precious this gift is. Me and my littles then first time were together have a <taking ur virginity ceremony> in which they give themselves to me and we pretend that it erases all other partners and that I "wash them away" and then from time to time we relive that time with me telling them "tonight daddy is gonna take ur cherry" so please don't let u being a virgin make u not enter the lifestyle
D.W :craze: :heart: :craze:
Aww n never worry about virginity snd thats your precious thing to loose as snd when you wish too. No one should be put of with you being a virgin nor would I even ask that question. On a plus side being a virgin when your ready you have that to look forward too n keeps you innocent and a true little. People who are not virgins does not make them experts on DDLG more than you would be.

Just do not worry about it and treasure your virginity n sexuality and those times will come sometime.

Just enjoy n be you
Crinklybum wrote: 5 months ago On a plus side being a virgin when your ready you have that to look forward too n keeps you innocent and a true little.
Okay, but this is actual garbage. :derp:

Please don’t spread this lie around the community any further. It only does harm. I know you mean well but it passively shames others and it just isn’t true.

Virginity does not make someone a true Little. Virginity has nothing to do with being a Little. :sadno: :shakeno:

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