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Perhaps this is a dumb question, but I've recently bought my first little gear and I'm very excited about it! I bought some pacis and sippys and dinnerware and baby bottles! <3 my only problem now is that I'm having trouble drinking out of the bottle, I'm constantly deflating the nipple as I drink and I have to take my mouth off of it and wait for it to pop back up before drinking again. Is there a correct way to do this?
Hi Monarch are you using a bottle with a really long nipple(like the one in this photo)? I’ve tried those in the past and had the same problem. I found one on Etsy with a shorter nipple that doesn’t cause that problem.
I think it generally means the airflow of the nipple isn’t very good so you’re creating a bit of a vacuum.

You shouldn’t chug the drink down very quickly. You’ll need to take small drinks or sips at a time so that the bottle has a chance to complete the air exchanged needed. Don’t try to fill your mouth. Slow sips. It’ll take longer to finish a drink.

Your lips should be touching the base of the nipple, not just the top of the nipple.

You might try not tightening the lid as strongly to help with ventilation.

I suspect it’s just a problem with the nipple though.

My partner and I have found that the Y flow Comotomo nipples listed in this how-to article are well ventilated and never really collapse.
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