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Hi all, I’m very very new to being little, still working on accepting it tbh. My partner is fantastic about everything and seems amused that I’ve only just realised that I am little because apparently he’s known forever.
Anyway, my question/ issue is in regards to bed wetting. Since discovering/ accepting that I am little I’ve been wetting the bed on a fairly regular basis. Now I’ve had issues with this many years ago when I was 14 (I’m
Now 28) due to a traumatic event but it’s not happened since.
So my question is, has this/ does this happen to anyone else? And how do I deal with it? It’s not something I want to be happening but I don’t know how to stop it.
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By Motherly
Alice93 wrote: 1 year ago
…I’ve been wetting the bed on a fairly regular basis.
Alice93 wrote: 1 year ago …due to a traumatic event…
Alice93 wrote: 1 year ago It’s not something I want to be happening but I don’t know how to stop it.
Completely understandable. Your only real answer here is to seek therapy so that you can actually resolve your trauma and how it’s caused your body to react. If not for anything else, you deserve the mental relief from the suffering.

Just to be on the safe side I’d also recommend you have your doctor check you out. Sudden bed wetting in adulthood could be due to treatable medical conditions.
If you are certain that it’s not caused by a medical issue then maybe therapy but if not talk to a doctor, I was and still do wet myself so have to change daily but mine is a medical issue which I had surgery to try and fix but I still leak but not as badly. I have childhood trauma which causes me different issues, my dad used to leave me shut in the car for hours on end and I would be bursting for the potty but couldn’t go because my good old father was nowhere to be found (on site somewhere working on live electrical equipment) so I have panic attacks whenever I need to use the bathroom and a feel of dread.

My plan is to see a therapist but until then I’m going to wear diapers because there’s no shame in it, as someone once said we come in to this world wearing diapers and in old age end up in diapers :pacy: at least they should give me the confidence to go out again because my issues prevent me from leaving the house other than popping to a local shop quickly.
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