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By yaykittybo
I have tried several adult pacifiers and I really don’t like them as much as the mam baby pacifiers because on the adult pacifiers they have a strange after taste and to me feel too big in my mouth and the silicon isn’t as good quality as the mam brand baby pacifiers and the shape of the mam ones are better more cherry shaped where as the adult ones I’ve brought online are just flat and floppy and taste of strong silicon taste.

I’m wondering what the largest size of mam pacifiers there are and where to find them? so far I’ve tried the 0+ and that goes in my mouth but it’s very small, I’ve seen 18+ for sale but not sure how much bigger they are? I would prefer to find a good quality paci that is not made in China because no offence but the ones made in uk and Europe are better quality to me :pacy:
Hi hi! So before I started using adult pacis i used the 18+ mam ones and absolutely loved them. they can cause orthodontic problems so i did use the adult ones. A place you could try for the Adult ones however is Paci Pops the lady’s name is kay and she’s super nice! i believe she’s based out of Canada. But the 18+ mam ones worked the best for me before the adult pacis. They’re just a tad bit smaller imo//(gen) :bye:

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