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Looking for your Caregiver? Waiting for your Daddy? Mommy? Auntie? Uncle? Big Brother? Older Sister? Or maybe even your little sister or brother? Let them know you're looking for them.
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DateCGL Username: TeddySamurai
Legal Age: 25
Gender Identity: Male
physically intimate Orientation: Straight
Location: Inland Northwest
Current Marital or Relationship Status: Single

Approximate Regression Age Range: 4-13

What type of partner are you looking for here? I'm looking for a long term, hopefully lifelong mommy.

Are you open to long distance relationships or only local matches? . I'm fine starting at any distance, but I want to meet in person eventually.

Do you prefer polyamorous or monogamous relationships? Definitely Monogamous.

Describe your perfect match and some great qualities that they would have: My perfect match would be a mommy who is stable, kind, nurturing, maybe a bit protective. accept my gender nonconformity as well as my littleness. Someone who would like me to be her little helper.

What are some things that have led you to identifying as a little? My love of cartoons, my love of stuffed animals, and a few people have said I'm very childlike. Eventually I came across the term "little", researched what a little was and thought "this just sounds like me."

Are you into physically intimate or nonsexual Caregiver/little regression? I want to eventually have sex with my cg, but to me there's way more to cgl than sex.

How long have you identified as a Little? A bit over a year now, though there are times where I was definitely in littlespace before I knew about being a little.

Are you a Little that likes to or expects to be punished? I don't like to be punished. By all means, let me know if something's wrong. Just please don't punish me unnecessarily. And if you do punish me, please don't go overboard with it.

What do you think you have to offer to a partner? someone kind and smart who doesn't give up easily.

Describe one of your favorite nonsexual fantasies or scenarios: I'm playing with toys, then mommy gives me a big hug and a kiss and says something like "you are so cute and I love you so much."

What are 5 nonsexual things you enjoy? Cartoons, Singing, Kendo, Swimming, Stuffies

What are 3 movies or TV shows you enjoy? Winx Club, Star Wars, Blue's Clues

What are 3 of your favorite foods? curry, cheese, chocolate

What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists? Hatsune Miku, Queen, Great Big Sea

What is something you have recently learned? I learned about how biodiesel is made

What is your current biggest life achievement? Finally getting my Associate's degree. In fact, I'm going after my Bachelor's degree right now! ^_^

During an argument or disagreement with a partner, how do you typically react? I tend to throw myself into trying to remedy the situation.

What do you think of being partnered to a Caregiver who requires a large portion of your attention? If she needs me, I'll do my best to be there for her.

What are some other things you would like to tell a potentially interested partner about yourself? I'd love to cook for you sometime! Also, if we're long distance, I'd love to send you a care package sometime ^_^
Hello there cutie!
You sound so adorable and precious 🥰
I'd love to hold you close in my arms and watch some anime.
Let me know if you are interested still. If so I can't wait to get know you! :heart:
Katsumi wrote: 2 years ago Hello there cutie!
You sound so adorable and precious 🥰
I'd love to hold you close in my arms and watch some anime.
Let me know if you are interested still. If so I can't wait to get know you! :heart:
Hi there! ^_^
I'm still interested and super happy to hear from you. You sound super sweet and I can't wait to get to know you too. :heart:
Hello! :hi: My name is Lisa and I’m a Mistress from WV. I’ve never had a little of my own, but I’ve cared for and nurtured others for years. I am considerably older than you though, 57, but I have endless energy and plenty of time. I am educated, silly at times, love to laugh and give kisses and cuggles, adventurous, but I am also a dominant presence and am very strong. I believe communication is key to any relationship and will always consider my little’s feelings and ideas when making decisions. Well, look over my profile and if you’d like to get to know me more, let me know. :heart:
ugh i wanna give you kisses <3333333333
please consider me :)
i am a little late so if youve found a mommy im happy for you!
i am a confident mommy, and ive done this before.
fair warning i am hypersexual so youll have to be patient with me if i seem pushy, please let me know if this happens because i will never force you, and want you to be comfortable and happy :)
ill wait a million, gazillion years for my babyboy to tell me he wants my touch <3
anyway lemme know :D

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