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My mommy seemed really interested in taking me under her wing a few weeks ago and it was pretty fun at first.
Then she became more and more busy and now I barely hear from her more than once a week.
we're long distance which I know adds to the difficulties of sending daily messages.
Unfortunately I'm just not getting very much attention at all and it's been really messing with me, I had just gone through a break up a week or two ago as well and while I have been standing on my own two feet with the help of a few friends but this also keeps happening to me. I'm not an over whelming little either, I just like to send pictures of my crayon drawings or let my mommy know I took my vitamins, used my diaper etc. but just nothing.

Unfortunately this keeps happening to me, I don't know why. It feels like a-lot of bad luck but it really hurts to have it keep happening and to be abandoned time and time again. It's not a matter of me asking for too much, at-least I don't think so. I just don't know what makes me so easy to not want to give attention to. I feel really invisible right now.
Sounds like you're really easy to get a long with. Don't beat yourself up. Relationships are 2 ways.

Every relationship takes time. I could be wrong, but it sounds like maybe your relationship with your mommy hasn't really gotten off the ground and maybe that's all there is to it.

It also sounds like you're not getting your needs met. You could ask her what's going on and say you need more from the dynamic. Tell her what you're looking for. I know sometimes this can be hard, but our partners can't know if we don't tell them. We also don't know if we're a good fit if we don't talk to them.

Either way, you need to speak to them because it's not fair to be in a relationship where you feel like that.

Good luck
I’m sorry to hear that, it seems that your relationship with your mommy is unstable.
I feel like your just putting too much pressure on yourself.
I suggest that you put all of your energy into healing yourself first.

It is important if you decide to talk with her, (If at all possible) you should talk about how you feel invisible and how much you're hurting. This is not a matter of accusation or anything; you are talking with her about it only because you want to move on and be closer to her.

But it's up to you to make the decision about whether to talk to your mommy. By that being said, just remember that your needs are important and your feelings are important as well.

I hope this advice works :bye:
Heyo! :hi:

I knew about a one couple that is really busy and long distance and meet only on the video once or twice per week. When they do though it is very involved videochat that is a couple hours long. When there is a will people will find the way.

Problem starts when people do not feel as interested in a relationship than before and it is becoming less and less important for them with time. Then someone starts to have priority problems. In that situation the best way is just to talk and say there is a problem. Then try to arrange something that is acceptable by both sides.

Neglect hurts :tears: . CG/L should be fun, not painful. Suffering in silence might feel like an answer but it in the end it never helps... You are important, remember that, always. :hugs:

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