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It's nice that you've discovered the world of Caregiver/Little identities and relationships!

You should ask your partner what her preferences are. It's a question that every individual may have a different answer for, so even if many people respond that they should be wearing diapers, that may not be how she feels.
Above posters are right, definitely varies little be little. I'll also throw in that it even varies for singular littles over time and in different contexts. I'm a bit older, maybe 4-6ish? So I don't really NEED diapers or training pants anymore, but they're super snug and warm and safe and nice. Training pants especially I'll wear just because its comfy and calming that no sadbad accidents are gonna happen. Real full diapers so I don't need to go to the potty are more rare. TBH they're mostly for if I wanna have a nice comfy nap time and not have to worry about getting up to go potty with my small bladder.

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