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By babydog
i've seen a few trans people in the replies here, and i feel similarly to what they've said. i tend to lean heavily into feminine things when i'm regressed, even going so far as to be okay with feminine terms when i normally wouldn't be - it's really interesting.
I'm a transmasculine nonbinary person. Basically, for me, my gender feels totally removed from the male-female binary (like not even associated with either end), but in terms of presentation and expression and stuff is largely masculine.

Anyway, when I regress I feel a lot more boyish. I like playing with all sorts of toys but mostly those that are more stereotypically for boys, and I'm not a fan of pink, and like boys' clothes a lot better for example. But mostly it's just a mental thing of just feeling more like a boy in littlespace (though still not quite to the point of being a boy)

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