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Hi! I’m a new to the age regression and ageplay world. I am a daddy and I have a little who is a little picky with what she eats and drinks. My number one question is that she doesn’t like warm milk. What cold milk recipes can I make for her?
Does your little one exercise / workout? If so, you could mix up a protein shake. I was recently mixing up a protein shake for my twins and realized it looked like formula. We’re using the vanilla milkshake flavor from Designer Whey and we mix it with a little milk / milk substitute.

Milk substitutes may be a fun thing to try out in the bottle too. There are a lot of alternatives now that offer their own unique flavors. Many have a “sweetened vanilla” option that could be yummy for her. Check your local grocery store.

You could also make smoothies thinned out (add more milk than called for). There are lots of smoothie recipes online using fresh and/or frozen fruits and vegetables. Look for smoothie recipes using her favorite fruits or something simple like a banana blended up with milk.

Non-milk based options can be fun to do too.
If your little one has been sweating or moving around a lot (especially in the summer sun) then an electrolyte drink could be helpful. Pedialyte would work well. We’ve been using the nuun tablets too and can say they’re a tasty option.

Don’t forget that the bottle can be used for basic hydration! It may be a good, simple idea to use it mostly to meet daily water intake needs and occasionally with a treat beverage. Everyone needs water.

You will probably want to try to avoid very sugary drinks often so keep an eye on that. Nursing a bottle of a sugary beverage is terribly bad for the teeth. It may be a good idea to have your little one have a bottle of plain water after a treat drink to help “rinse” the mouth.

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