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:what: Problem:
  • We were averaging 2-4 diapers per day.
  • We have tried many types of diapers. Stretchy, breathable wings are a must for our comfort. Bambino Magnificos are the only ones with this must-have feature.
  • Diapers are quite pricey, and we can mostly only get them when they are on sale.
We tried several solutions to prolong the life of the diaper:

ABDL diaper boosters :no:

Boosters, such as Bambino Quadro and ABU PowerUps are added pads that increase the absorbency of a diaper while allowing wetness to pass through. In our experience, these increase the raw absorbency of our diapers. However, they're unpractical for most of our use-cases. To achieve maximum performance we must only wet them while standing up to allow the wetness to channel through properly. The problems come when the crotch area of the diaper is compressed between our legs. This causes a soaked booster to route the flow directly towards the leg gathers, springing leaks even when the diaper has lots of life left.

Another problem is that they do nothing to reduce the smell of stale wetness. So if a single diaper/booster combo is worn throughout the day, the resulting aroma is strong.

We assume similar problems arise with cheaper options, such as Attends boosters.

Price: $0.55 - $1.00 per unit for ABDL

Baby diapers as boosters :no:

Once upon a time we used to be able to fit in regular baby diapers (past our infancy, of course). The reality of things now is that they are way too small and don't provide the protection that we require. We attempted using them again, only to find that they simply don't perform, even as boosters. Nevermind baby diapers.

We also found that the better quality baby diapers are quite pricey, starting at around $0.40 a unit.

Price: $0.40 a unit for premium ones, less for cheaper ones that are most definitely lacking in important features.

Solution: Bambino Magnifico + TENA Intimates Overnight Pads :yes:

What we figured by our experiments was that we needed a way to protect the diaper "shell" from wetness but still be able to use our diapers freely and without worrying about leaks and capacity. So, instead of trying to add capacity to our diapers, we set as a goal to protect the diaper from wetness as much as possible. That may sound backwards at first, but thinking this way helped us realize that we only really needed an absorbent pad with the added protection of a full diaper holding it in place.

So what we do is line our diapers with a single pad, centering around where most our wetness comes from. And instead of changing the whole diaper, a diaper change consists of swapping out the pad. Except for the last change of the day, where we can simply pull the pad out from our diaper.

  • Do not peel the adhesive strip. If you stick the pad to the diaper, after a few unsticks the diaper liner becomes weak and begins to tear.
  • If unsure, simply change out the pad.
  • Try not to have a full wetting with a full pad. This is a recipe for disaster, as the edges of the diaper may not be able to withstand a flood as better as the core of the diaper.
After a few tries we found that a single TENA Intimates Overnight Pads would hold:
  • 1 big wetting.
  • 1 medium and 1 small wettings.
  • 2 small wettings.
Generally speaking, a pad that's been already used will have a harder time wicking than a fresh one, so having a maximum of 2 wettings per pad will ensure that most of the fluids are kept in the pad and less trickling to the diaper "shell".

We did some calculations to compare how much we are saving with our new strategy, as opposed to how much we were spending with our current diaper usage.

On the x axis we have amount of Bambino Magnificos used per day, and on the y axis we have the amount of TENA Intimates Overnight Pads in combination with Magnificos. Each cell tallies the total dollar amount of each combination of uses.

The colors represent the combinations of diapers and pads that still yield savings when compared to only using diapers.
So, for example, 1 Bambino Magnifico diaper + 7 TENA pads is still cheaper than 2 Bambino Magnifico diapers, but 1 Bambino Magnifico diaper + 8 TENA pads is still more costly than 2 Bambino Magnifico diapers.


The result of our experiment is that we were able to reduce the amount of expensive diapers that we go through daily, leaves our underwear smelling better than fully-used diapers, and we produce less volume in waste.


It's also more fun changing our pads more often, as it allows us to have more bonding time with Mommy when she does it for us.

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