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I pretty much breathe Kpop hehe~
I'm a fan of so so many groups but my Top5 are probably B.a.p, Got7, Day6, Monsta x and Seventeen.
There are so many more but the list would be too long (/-\)
If any little wants to fangirl (esp. since it's a big comeback season) feel free to message me any time! :craze:
I’m a Kpop fan as well and I just joined this site today. I’m happy to know that there are other fans out there that are similar to me. (I was starting to think that I was the only one!) Since you all have shared your faves and biases, I might as well do the same! I’ll just make a mini list of dramas, boy groups, and girl groups that are my all time favorite.

Boy groups:
-BTS (Bias: Jin/Fan Since 2013)
-Monsta X (Bias: I.M/Fan Since 2015)
-Exo (Bias: Chen/Fan Since 2012)
-SHINee (Bias: Onew/Fan Since 2008)

Girl groups:
-f(x) (Bias: Krystal/Fan Since 2009)
-Twice (Bias: Momo/Fan Since 2015)
-Girls Generation (Bias: Taeyeon/Fan Since 2007)
-Oh My Girl (Bias: Mimi/Fan Since 2015)

-To The Beautiful You
-While You Were Sleeping
-W: Two Worlds
-Flower Boy Next Door

Sorry for the post being extremely long but these are my top 4!!! But on a side note I listen to wayyy more than listed! (If I think about it there is practically no group I don’t listen to!) Plus, these dramas are super funny and I love them to death so please if you haven’t watched them then watch them! They are amazing!
By lilsmolpotato
YESSSSSSS! I love, love, LOVE K-Dramas! My favorites are probably Bad Guy, Coffee Prince, Antique Bakery (it's more a movie I guess... but whatevs) and Boys Over Flowers. I think I've gone through almost everything on hulu though, lol. I'm also embarrassingly in love with Kim Jae-Wook.<3 Does anyone else have a K-drama actor/actress they obsess over?

I actually prefer K-Rock to K-Pop I think (biased because Kim Jae-Wook is in a rock band... it's called Walrus and I got their albums and good lord I'm an insane person). But, honestly, I'll listen to both! I don't really follow all the K-pop groups closely, but, especially after living in Korea, K-Pop will always have an extra special place in my heart. The k-pop music videos and the dances that go with them are the best!

I love kpop but sadly I don't have much time for dramas :tears:

My favorite groups (off the top of my head) are EXO, SHINee, F(X), VIXX, NCT, Twice, Day6, AOMG, EXID, and Red Velvet.
I like a lot of solo artists too: Ailee, Dean, and IU

I tend to forget all the groups I like when asked lol :>.<:

I really really really love the show Schoolgirl Detectives!! It's a really fun story and it's not a very long series. And I love Kpop! Although I have to say I have a serious crush on Jay Park. :D
I wuv wuv wuv kpop. My favorite bands~ NCT(all units), Seventeen, SHINee, Wanna One, BTS, EXO, Red Velvet, Day6, 2ne1, Blackpink, Astro, Big Bang, and Got&
Oh wow. I love BTS, they are my bias group.
Min Yoongi is my Bias.
I listen to The Rose, Exo, Ikon and alot of others.
Kdramas or dramas i have watched, are
To The Beautiful You.
Mr Panda and mrs hedgehog
Love 020
and alot of others i cant think of at the moment.
I love to learn the bts dances and any dance i can
I have listened to bts since 2015ish. ive gone to 4 of their concerts.
I'm a major Army myself and tend to be a loyal fan, but I do listen to other bands too and I enjoy watching them when they do whatever, I just know more about Bts then any other groups :>.<:

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