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By TiggyGothpaw
Just posting some thoughts to see if I'm the only person who is like this. Nothing super bad.

For a long time, when I've regressed it's been to 8-10 years old. I feel comfy in that age group. Action figures, stuffies, action cartoons, coloring. Some independence but still needing a cg. That sort of thing...

And yet, more and more I find myself behaving younger and younger. I need my stuffie more n more. I increasingly find myself speaking in baby talk. I even caught myself sucking my thumb. (It was strangely comforting).

I thought, for a bit, that it was a sign of some emotional problem but, other than the ones i already have, there isnt one i can think of. Plus, when I'm not regressing, i act like the same weird adult I am.

Maybe I'm just weird
From the article Regression Therapy and Being Little
Admin wrote:Sometimes an age regressor may claim that they intentionally experience or embrace their regressive tendencies in effort to perform self-therapy and relieve stress, claiming to use it as a "coping mechanism" in times of personal distress of displeasure. While this is an acceptable coping mechanism for stress, trauma, abuse, or other unfortunate instances it does not necessarily go hand in hand as a requirement or standard of regression. A person who regresses may not have experienced childhood trauma or use their personality trait as a coping mechanism for stressful situations.
You don't need a reason to feel the way you do when it comes to regression. Regressive personality traits aren't dependent on stress or some form of external pressure. Simply put, regression is the manifestation of a Little personality, and personalities need not be justified.

From personal experience, it can take a while to fully discover your Little age. For the longest time we assumed that our regression age was in the 2's. This was only corrected after the conditions for further exploration were given, and now we can safely say that our regression is within the infancy stage (0-12 months).

Just relax and have fun exploring and letting into your regression!

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