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This weeks been really rough.
I forgot to put my pacis up the other night and my friend came over and found them. I couldn't lie, I told them I was a little.
They were disgusted, and quickly said they couldn't be friends with me and left, and I was really upset. My boyfriend didn't know, but the friend that found out was really close to him.
My boyfriend found out and broke up with me. I tried talking to him and he called me a freak, that I was no better then a pedo.
It seems like just wanting to be a little is leaving me all alone. I dont want to hide it but maybe I should. At least then I wouldn't feel so alone. They make me feel ashamed of it and like its dirty but honestly its really not.
I;m just really upset but maybe I should give this up. It keeps hurting me just wanting to be me.
By Suri
bro don't give it up, giving it up is like signing a contracted killer to kill you, I don't have a little space at the moment but I know that being a little is your safety net, even if its just listening to nursery rythems when out and about for example. bor public chat rooms.
never give it up, if you ever want to talk we do dms
stay true to yourself not someone you aren't, love suri
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By OctonautCat
It’s your decision, but personally I don’t think you should. Being little makes me feel safe and I wouldn’t give it up for pretty much anything. I don’t think the issue is you being yourself, I think it’s finding people who will accept it. If your friend or significant other can’t love you because of one small part (no pun intended) of who you are, then they don’t have the right to love any of you. You should find people who are accepting and loving and understanding. That being said, it is your decision. I wish you luck my friend :pinkh: :remind:
We are very sorry that life has been hard on you lately. It isn't easy feeling like you are losing people close to you, especially when you have done nothing wrong nor immoral.

Being Little entails having a Little personality. This means it's part of who you are. Attempting to "quit" would imply that you would try renouncing to part of who you are, thus not easy nor really encouraged.

We agree with OctonautCat when they talk about your now former friends. They aren't really compatible with you if they aren't willing to accept such a harmless and personal fact about yourself.

If ties with them aren't broken, perhaps it would be wise to try and educate them at this point. It'd be worth a shot since there really isn't much to lose, in our opinion. It would at the very least inform them that there are resources out there and people out there that share your personality traits, and that there's community tied to it.

I'm so sorry you're sad. The world is full of meanie butts, unfortunately. It's really hard to find people who accept us for who we are. But they exist! They're out there, sometimes in the strangest of places. I don't recommend giving it up, because trying to be an adult and giving up one of your core traits that makes you "you" will quickly lead to "life burnout." You won't enjoy life anymore, you're so stressed out and unhappy. I know it may seem like being a little is causing your unhappiness, but it's just other people being unaccepting. As hard as it is, we have to ignore those people and live our lives, or we'll be unhappy forever. You are a beautiful person, and you deserve ULTIMATE HAPPINESS. Not everyone is so closed minded. :remind:
Ya know this ol world full of mean idiots who dont reallty understand the lives that some of us lead outside of adulting during the day & going to our littlespaces at night or whenever we do. If those people exited your life like they did, yiu dont need them. There will be others who are understanding of your lifestyle and space! Dont give up, Dont give up on who you are. Remember to thine ownself be true!
Hi Prince47

You just need to take time to really reflect on the importance of being little to you. If it’s an innate passionate feeling that is real to you, then you have your answer. If being little satisfies part of your soul and being then you shouldn’t walk away from it. Embrace it and find like minded littles and caretakers (Daddies or Mommies) that don’t have the negative feelings that your friend and boyfriend had.

I know you are hurting from those losses and quite frankly, losing someone hurts. It’s not easy to get over. There are people here that would love to offer you a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.

I’m a mature Pan Daddy that lost my little trans boy almost a year ago. It’s been hard and the heart hasn’t healed nearly as much as I would hope but I have faith that I can find another baby boy to call mine and to have a healthy Ddlb relationship with.

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