New, inexperienced, and recently discovered adult babies, regressors, littles, and Caregivers ask for perspectives, advice, tips, and information from more knowledgeable friends.
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Hey! I’m looking for guidance of being a caregiver/mommy. My boyfriend told me about a month ago that he is a little and I’ve been trying to be a good mommy but it is 100% new to me! I tried asking him but he doesn’t know how to explain it to me. I’m willing to learn I just need help!
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Hello, and welcome! The most important thing you've got down and that's accepting him and being willing to learn, so you'll definitely do fine :) I think you need to get him to sit down and figure out what he likes about being little. Maybe create like a list of things he'd like you to do as a Mommy and what kind of expectations he has. I know you said he's unsure how to explain it, but I think it's important he sits down and figures these things out. You could also do the same and figure out what you are okay with and what your expectations of him might be.

As for you learning about this lifestyle, the roles, and just what it is, I've found that this site has some great articles to read through. If you go to the top of the page and click on "Resources" then click on "Educational Articles" you'll find lots to get you started. Or this link takes you to the same place: viewforum.php?f=88

It may be beneficial for your boyfriend to read through some of the articles as well. They may give him a better idea of what he is looking for and what he wants.

I wish you both good luck and happy times! :)
Ryan hit on a lot of good points! Communication is important cuz every little is different.

Some might wana be little more often, less often, might need more levels of attention, be regressed farther and want extra stuff done (for example, a little that regresses to like age 6-8 compared to like 1-2ish little age will vary what they are looking for in their partner)

Another thing that is important is finding a good balance between how often you both want to be engaged in a little/cg "zone". This isn't something you need to do all the time or even frequently if you both don't want, having a good balance of how often he wants to be "little" around you compared to your normal relationship is super important. You'l both want to kinda figure this out as you go!

I know it kinda sounds like a lot of work and stuff to figure out, but I think it's awesome that he trusts you enough to reveal this part of himself to you to share (: I can only speak as a little, im not really a caregiver, but the bond I share with my partner is so much deeper now that I can share all of my interests and love her on a deeper level. I hope you guys have a fun time learning and exploring together, and if you have any questions or anything you can always PM me and i can answer the best I can!

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