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I'm about to be a freshman at the University of Michigan, which is great! I'm really excited about the opportunity. However, trying to juggled littlespace and the responsibilities of college is proving to be an anxiety-inducing subject. I'm afraid that any friends I may end up making won't like me anymore once they see my littlespace items in my room. I'm afraid of being judged and treated poorly for my lifestyle.

Along with this, I'm also scared that I won't be able to be little too often because of everything I'll need to do. Are any other littles scared of the college transition and can anyone offer me advice?

:-?: :-?: :-?:
I'm in the same boat actually. I'll be going into college in a week and I'm afraid of slipping into littlespace by accident with my roommate or classmate in the room.

My only advice is whenever you're alone, let yourself enjoy the space. And if you can, have little things around for you to feel happy, like a colouring book or bracelet. Subtlety is definitely where you want to go
I am a Junior in college, so I can relate. Do you live alone? If you have a private bedroom (with a lock, if you want), you can make your bedroom you private retreat for littlespace.
I have also found that scheduling in little time can help. Once you get your first semester under your belt, you will have a better idea of how to handle the next ones.
If you want, you can PM me for specific questions.
I'm currently at varsity too, generally people don't frown upon things such as comfort blankets/ stuffies and coloring activities (in residences).They understand that you are moving out of your comfort zone from home and have to create a new comfort zone. Just a tip: so far saying "it's for stress relief/ anxiety" seems to get me out of a few tight spots.
As for balancing academics, social life, leadership (or work) and little space... it can be challenging. Take a break somtimes to relax and go into little space it helps if you schedule everything, when you get used to your routine everything should become less stressful.

Goodluck I hope I didn't scare you. :bheart:
I am a sophomore in college, and I have had a lot of challenges with fitting time in to be little. My daddy lives across the state from me, making it very difficult. It makes it even more difficult because I don’t have a lot of friends, so I spend a lot of time alone. I need friends that I can speak to as a little, and I know that there is so much stigma still present when it comes to a lifestyle such as being a little with a daddy. Knowing that makes me afraid to tell my friends that I am a little because I don’t want to lose them. I could better separate the little side of me from everyone else if I had secure friendships with other littles like me! :heart:
It's been a long time since I lived in dorms, but I remember my dorms being a fairly weird and open place. We had random toys EVERYWHERE and played with them as a group fairly regularly. Also I remember someone bringing back baby tylenol once and we all sat around drinking it. We also had sippy cups (mostly filled with booze, but still sippys). Mine was a purple playtex cup with dinosaurs on it. (I'd have kept it, but lack of responsibility for dishes meant it was DISGUSTING by the time I moved out). There are soooo many weird and awkward people living in the dorm that most people just shrug off odd behavior unless it seems dangerous. We had a girl that was dating a cardboard cut out of George Clooney as Batman... as in took him to the common lounge and made out with him regularly. She got super jealous of other girls being int he room too. So yeah, littlespace is waaaaay not the weirdest thing you'll see.....

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