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Most of the time I think I'm in little space. There have definitely been some things I've been noticing about me.

If something serious has happened or a serious conversation then I'll be in my bigger head space, but most often I'm usually in little space which is where I'm most comfortable.
Not super often, but if I feel particularly stressed/sad I'll try to cheer myself up by attempting to be little for a bit. Occasionally, when I'm with someone I'm very comfortable with (like my bf, for example), I'll slip a bit. It's not really noticeable unless someone knows I'm a little bc my little self and my big self are both kinda quiet and reserved, lol! :rofl:
I am slowly slipping into little space more and more as time goes, and it is actually a little scary. I don’t have much time to be a little because of who I am to everyone outside of my daddy who lives across the state from me. My friends see me as almost parental, and I love taking care of everyone around me. However, I am becoming more and more little, and I am afraid it is going to start coming out around people that would not accept that part of me. I definitely need help finding a balance, and making sure that I find my own safe place and time to be in little space. :heart:
Some days I'm all the time, but others depend on how I feel. It always affects my personality and emotional control, but in life stuff I either pretend big or feel it for reals. I don't feel it for realsies very often, so I'm unlikely to get embarrassed or notice I'm acting odd unless someone tells me I'm being weird, and I'll feel real anxious when I'm small but gotta act right. But I'm glad I finally realised why I'm like this :splode:
i feel small when im tired usually, but i also feel small when im cuddly!! ::3: :pheart: :pinkh: and when my kitties are lovey i feel small ::3: :gigs: when i'm in public i try not to let my feelings come out, sometimes they do and i just ignore it. and sometimes when i have a BIG decision to make i get scared n feel small :sry:
I feel like my Little space is such a constant, I'm a high functioning Little I guess. to me its just part of my being and infused in my everyday state of mind.

I do feel more able to let loose and be super little whenever my Daddy is close to me though.

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