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So recently I went on this hike (we scaled up a mountain) with a few friends. I was running on 1 and a half hours of sleep and we were hiking in the scorching hot sun. We had room temp water that quickly turned hot and we had ample amount of food. We were about half way up before I began to feel extreme vertigo, I felt like vomiting, I was exhausted, I couldn't drink anything cold, and getting back was more than 3 hours long. A not very close friend of mine (another friend invited them but we hadn't really talked much) decided that they could walk me back to the car, and so we both went off. They gave me water, they fed me, and they made me feel really comfortable when I layed down. I felt...really small. I couldn't really form coherent sentences and I felt like crying, but I also felt cared for. I felt vulnerable. But it felt nice. To let go, and everything. I can't really describe it well, I'm sorry.

They talked to me all the way back to the car and once we got there I had already come out of little space. This was a few weeks ago and I really want to regress, but I can't seem to trigger it at all. Can anyone help me with this?
I believe it's common that littles may experience more deeply regressive episodes automatically when facing extreme feelings (such as exhaustion, illness, high stress, etc.) or when extremely comfortable or elated. I don't think what you experienced is too abnormal in terms of being a little and facing physical stress, but I'm sorry that the experience happened the way it did since it wasn't necessarily positive to have happened.

My ultimate suggestion when it comes to people who want to try to have a deeper regressive episode is to make yourself comfortable and set up an uninterrupted routine so that you can enjoy the leisure time however it may develop. That way if you do regress more deeply then you can enjoy it, and if you don't then it is equally just as de-stressing and enjoyable to have had set time aside just for yourself and relaxation. Perhaps you can go over some of your weekly successes or moments you found enjoyable (or amusing) to encourage yourself to feel happier too.

Sometimes your surroundings matter so you may want to decorate a space to encourage your regression or set out some objects like toys during your scheduled relaxation time. If you live alone then outlet covers and babygates are nice aesthetics that can promote the feelings of safety-while-vulnerable. Perhaps you can even come to associate certain items with more regressive thoughts and feelings after some time.

Placing stress on wanting to achieve the experience again will be counterproductive so don't give it too much thought after you've set aside some time and arranged your setting, if you choose. Have a snack, drink a nice, cool drink that you enjoy, watch or listen to something simple, and just enjoy life.

Remember that regression is not something that is a light switch and that it's okay to find the smaller regressive things you do each day and personally encourage yourself. Littles are not only little during certain times, and many littles never achieve a separate regressive time. Many are casually little throughout everyday life and that can absolutely be just as enjoyable once you learn to recognize it in yourself. Some littles also encourage a more constant regression by setting up their own reward charts and, to some degree, treating themselves like children through such rewards, outlined chores, and meal plans.

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