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Sometimes people have a difficult time accepting parts of themselves. We generally think of regression as being a very positive thing within our community, but perhaps it isn't all sunshine and rainbows for each individual.

Are there times where you truly wish you were not this type of person at all?
Have you felt ashamed or embarrassed for being who you are as a little?
Have you wanted to simply "stop being a little" at some point because you felt so negative about your regression or what you believed regressors to be when coming to the self-realization of also being a regressor?
If someone suggested you were a little previously and that's how you began your self-discovery, were you against the idea or unhappy about it?
Do you feel lack of acceptance by friends and/or family has caused you to feel also unaccepting of yourself at times?

Do you feel there may be a common, unspoken personal struggle of self-acceptance when it comes to being a regressor? Can you think of anything that could potentially help people who are struggling to accept their regression as being a good part of themselves?
that can be a fleeing. before i was a little i really didn't have emotions and feelings and i really didnt care. but when i am little it is basically taking down the wall i built up during my life and it makes me a better kinder, and happier person when I'm big too. I regret telling my parents though so thats my only regret so i have to hide it now.
At times yes. Especially since I'm with my new boyfriend. (Well, not new. I've been with him for a year) One time in conversation he brought up the fact that he thinks that people who are more in the sexual part of abdl are gross and doesn't quite get it himself. And I had never mentioned anything about it. I wanted to tell him some day of this side of me and that I'm not really into the sexual side of it. But after that.. I'm not so sure. Now with family, I would be shamed out the wazoo. Not even going to try with them.
At times I do, I have heard several people I know call it gross and sometimes I wish I didn't need to age regress. However, I am learning to not be embarrassed and try to explain cg/l to people who are uneducated on the topic. I know it is part of who I am and helps me with my anxiety. Luckily, I have a very supportive daddy to help me and this community! :pinkh:
There were times where I was ashamed of my little behavior because I did not think it was normal or okay, but then I started to see the brighter side of things. Yes I am very emotional and a huge crybaby when something triggers me, but I have an amazing creative mind and so much more when I regress.
When I was young, I would look at adulthood with a great sense of despair. Examining adults around me, I assumed to be an adult meant I would change. Lose my whimsy. Adults seemed to have no idea how to have any fun in their lives. All of my favorite things about being a kid were not present in the lives of any adult I knew. Growing up looked like an overall terrible experience. I was dreading it. I didn't understand what caused a shift to make a fun kid into a boring adult, but it appeared as if absolutely everyone went through that process.

As I aged and my friends grew, so did their interest in childish things wane.... But mine didn't. I kept interest in things others tossed aside and rejected as being "for babies". After all these years, I still get to be fun! Of course I am an adult now and I do adult things. I am boring in many aspects of my life. But I can shift. Mentally I can transition into a more child-like mindset whenever I please. And being an adult isn't bad! I find it useful to think like an adult in my situations. It's great to do all the cool, fun stuff only adults do.

I can think like an adult. I can think like a child. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I could never imagine wishing any of that away. It's the best ever. I'm basically living a childhood dream. I can be a fun adult after all!

The only foreseeable reasons I can personally see to wish one was not a little are:
1. Shame.
2. Being a little makes living an adult life difficult. Perhaps a little is experiencing regression at unwanted moments or other such things.
3. A little feels extremely dependent on a caregiver and without a caregiver the little has difficulty functioning. Being alone makes life hard.

Shame is just... Ugh. Forget it! I've been living for decades with shame (not about being a little but in other areas) and I'm working hard to let it go! Why would I want to stop being something just because other people think it's bad, anyway? Why should they get to win and change me? I love myself! I'm not going to change myself just because some big jerks don't like it! When experiencing shame, it's important to always fight it. Others are wrong for being cruel and judgemental. You are not wrong. As long as your interest causes no one any harm, it's not something you should feel compelled to change. Littles who enjoy being little... but will stop out of shame.. It's sad! Those people who shamed you out of it don't love or respect you. If they did, they'd accept you. Giving up things you love just to fit in and be acceptable... Blah. Why not find people who accept you from the start?

As for reason number two, that's not something I personally struggle with. But I can imagine there are a wide range of coping mechanisms available for the issue. I learned how to deal with my mental health problems and stop seeing them as such a big burden. I can imagine the same thing could be done with regression as well.

Finally, reason number three is also a problem which can be dealt with. It's frankly not an issue I see as being nessesaryily tied to being a little. There are plenty of grown-ups everywhere who have difficulty feeling a sense of purpose without a romantic relationship and who experience loneliness when they are not in love. Because this is such a wide spread issue, there are many people in life who try to find ways to deal with it. I think it's very helpful to learn how to be independent. Of course there are many littles who would disagree, who feel their dependence is an important part of their identity. Again, because this is such a common human experience there are many different ways to deal with it. A person can learn to become more independent, or a person can learn ways to cope with feeling lonely while waiting for a caregiver. Many solutions! I've seen this topic discussed a lot on these forums. There's plenty of support!

And you know, though I personally think choosing to no longer be a little is a bad choice to make... Not everyone is me. I know there are plenty of people who have choose to give up being a little, and if it works for them, cool. I just hope they do what's right for them and don't stop doing something they love because of a problem that can be solved.

I might have been a little long-winded. Whoopsie! Oh well, maybe someone thought my blah-blah was interesting.
oh god yes I love love love being a little it may be difficult being a little but it reaps so many more things. not only do I have a n amazing boyfriend but I have an amazing daddy at the same time he loves who I am and how I am also a littlei hate grown up time but he only makes me do that when I have to go to work

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