Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Which sounds like probably more fun for little-you? Which one would probably make you personally feel more fulfilled and/or happy as a little and/or while regressed?
Can I choose both? Cause I wanna choose both.

I think that which choice would make me more excited at the moment would be an outdoor treehouse though. Especially in the winter. with the snow. and icicles. and the potential to hold the high ground in any snowball fights. Which I would have. All the time.
I love both, I think they’re great seaprately. I think I’d especially love a treehouse when it’s warm outside and I can play, but indoor blanket forts are awesome for when it’s cold and icky and dark outside ::(: Plus, with indoor forts you can fall asleep in them without worrying about creepy crawlies and getting cold
I mean, a twee house is pewmanent sheltew and a pillow fowt is tempowawy. I nevew had a twee house, so if I had to choose only one, I'd go wiph dat—but only if it had a zipline and/or fiwepole to get down quickly.

Ultimately, tho, as a little compawed to a bio-kid, we can make ouw house or specific wooms in ouw place any way we want. And that's a lot bettew than a twee house. I think pawt of the point of a twee house is to get away fwom the pawents, but as a little I want a mommy instead of independence.
A tree house would be amazing plus they don't come down easily like forts do.
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