Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Do you ever find yourself regression or acting more little when listening to certain songs or music? Are they songs you have memories of when you were a bio child or are they like nursery rhymes? What songs or music make you enter your littlespace?
I love listening to Disney songs to get into littlespace.
I particularly like the old princess songs like Snow White, sleeping beauty, and Cinderella songs. I also love the songs from Lilo and Stitch, and also Tarzan!

I also listen to lullabies and gentle instrumental music when it’s time for a nap.

My daddy plays the guitar and sings, and that always puts me in littlespace, and makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside.
Yes, I find myself listening to certain songs and certain genres. For the most part, these are songs from disney movies, and some of the popular music from when I was younger. However, some of the music I listen to now helps me as well. Symphonic music, for me, really helps activate my imagination and allows me to have an adventure through space, or as a powerful spellsword. Other songs in that genre make me tear up every time I listen to them, like Remember Me by Ivan Torrent. These songs help me retain my sense of majesty and wonder in the world around me.
Music. What a great Topic. Music definitely can help get into little space. I listen to kid music especially nursery rhythms when i want to get into little space. Disney music is also helpful. its also makes me happy and helps with cheering me up. isnt it crazy how music can help with different moods?
We often react to music without conscious thought, so it's not surprising that many of us are able to connect to headspace with music as an aide.

In conversation with my CG, traditional nursery rhymes might come up and all, but if I'm looking for music to help me relax into headspace I actually have better luck with modern artists that have a little feel to them. My favorite example of this is the artist Lenka; specifically The Show, Everything at Once, and Don't Let me Fall. For me, music that is both grown-up and little simultaneously suits the fact that I am both, too :)
Just wanted to say thank you for this thread! It helps a care-giver such as me know what can help get my little into littlespace, even though she tends to be able too by just being with me, that feels very special..
I like Selena Gomez song called good for you I always play it when I’m getting ready to wear the outfit my Daddy wants. Also I love ALL Taylor Swift but my top three favorites that remind me of my Daddy are :heart: everything has changed :heart: wildest dreams and :heart: love story!
Kids music most definitely it helps me be in little mode. I love listening to toddler music. I like to fall asleep to nursery rhyme. I also like listening to kids sing oldies. One of my favorite is the countdown kids.
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