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By MommaRed29
I know this sounds like a silly question but can any of other caregivers or Dom's give some advice on how I can hold my little one? I mean I obviously can hold them but does anyone know any specific techniques that I can use to help support my little when they want to cuddle or they want me to pick them up? I mean I am fairly strong, however, my little one (ironically) is bigger then me and I don't want to hurt them by holding them wrong for an extended period of time. Any one have any answers?
Thank you for any advice in advance!
First time posting, first time daddy to a little BUT not first time in the lifestyle.

To give reference, My little is slightly shorter than i am (me 69”/1.753m) and about 80lbs lighter than i am (I am 210lbs/15 stone).

I would suggest holding your little on a couch or lounge so that the majority of your little is within the confines of your arms but generally the hips down are curled up near you. You can accomplish this on the floor as well.

Prior to my little and I trying this relationship we were DOM/Sub and this would help find her way out of subspace as well, DOMspace for me. You r little will still be able to hear your heartbeat, as it did when they were in the womb.

Just my 2cents.
have you tried lap sitting as well? instead of picking them up sit on the couch and pat your lap they are close to you you can wrap your arms around them and they will feel small and loved if they get to heavy you always shift so they are besides you
Hmm.. I never gave this much thought. But a lot of answers in these threads require the use of experimentation, trial and error.

Personally my little clings onto me from my front, and wraps her legs behind my back and i put one hand on her bum, and the other stroking her hair or whatever the situation presents.
First time posting. Just starting to dip my toe into this sort of play, but I've wondered about this too. I love being held by my girlfriend, but would like to feel more contained. We've talked about how nice it would be to be able to suckle and have her hold my bottom, but our height difference makes it impossible, I think :-.-:

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