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By DinoBoy2
I recently got an adult paci but the shield is too big for me and uncomfy. I'm hoping to start modding pacis but b4 wasting money, should probably know which ones are easier to mod (note: screwdrivers and I are not the best of friends, so the easier the better). I came across the avant pacis and the look like they could be taken apart but question is.. can they?

Also, the adult teat is nice but a little bigger than i'd like as I do have a small mouth. Just curious as to if there are any specific brands that have larger baby teats than others.
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By CosmianAndNovella

We hope that you didn’t get one of those cheapie Chinese pacifiers. The ones that are theee pieces of plastic and a silicone teat that has BABY PANTS embossed on the bottom of the stem. Those are ick!

It sounds like you could go for a straight-up Nuk Medic Pro (L), otherwise commonly known as a Nuk-5 pacifier.

Note! Many of the Chinese off-brand claim to be Nuk-5 and Nuk-7, but that is mistaken. The shape is orthodontic, but the quality does not compare to the actual German product.
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