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Hi, I'm a little boy and have a really hard time finding clothing online. Mainly childlike knee highs like dinos or maybe a t-shirt. I need stuff that I can wear out in public so no x-rated. Looking for things that are babyish but also mainly acceptable to wear into public and stuff. That way I can sneak into little space when in public just by being in clothes i like. :) thanks.
I like Old Navy for stuff like that. They have shorts with boats on them and really really cool socks. Target had the best socks. They had like 3 different dino socks (not many and not for long tho because canada stores) and you can buy online!

Old Navy again, they have lots of bright colors i find? And stripes and the like (im partial to spripes and plaid patterns cause theyre fun). AND i got cool shorts there that are really green and kind of adventurey

I really like walmart clothes too! They have lots of liscensed shirts of like minions if thats your kind of thing and elmo and cookie monster and like under ten dollar solid color shirts you can decorate yourself! (Iron on a 'grown up kid' design on it and youre good to go). AND the pajamas! I love walmart for pajamas cause they have grownup like batman one pieces and two piece sets and just pants with cool patterns. And its all in the adult mens section!

Most of my clothes i get those places cause its kinda cheap and acceptable as a "grown up" outfit but if i decide its a day to be a little boy then its good for that too. But i guess it depends on how little youre looking for- if you get really really little than i dunno if this would be the same but i still say theyre good places to try
If you have the money to spend on dedicated clothing, we would fully suggest going to Tykables.com. They have a full range of clothing for Adult Babies, that are funcional, practical, durable and comfortable.

Work clothes

We currently own 5 pairs of their jeans and a dozen rompers on top of our diapers, because that is our daily wardrobe. We just wear either a sweater or a fleece plaid shirt over it, since the office we work in is cold. This outfit works for us, because we have a hard time walking without our legs chafing. With the rompers we ensure our thighs are protected, and we have never chafed while wearing them, even with thick diapers on our rump.

Casual clothing

We believe that we live in a day and age were nobody truly pays attention to what you are wearing, or at least you have the social freedom and protection to do so. It depends on which area you live in, though.

We have walked about wearing onesie pajamas in public. One designed as a gray lamb, one of Spyro, one of a giraffe, a couple Miltank. Sure, we may get weird looks, but nobody truly cares enough to say anything negative to us. Most people just brush it off, anyway. Some like to compliment though, which is nice.

Overalls are a great choice too. You could wear overalls on top of a cutesie printed onesie.

There is a lot that you can get away with, so truly, most onesies you can get away with safely. Nobody really makes anything out of a tucked shirt.

We currently own onesies from
BigTot on Etsy, baby-pants.com and JayKay Baby (currently JayKay Baby is not making any clothing, but we have a beautiful dinosaur lappped onesie we really like).

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