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By Deleted User 30863
One of my absolute favourite YouTube shows is Food Wishes with Chef John. There's something about the way he talks, his accent and intonation, that makes him a real joy to listen to. I've tried out a few of his recipes and they've all come out amazing (though not quite as amazing as his own ones on the channel... sigh). He does a range of recipes, honestly there's all sorts on the channel, and he has I think more than 1000 of them at this point.

Another great YouTube channel for recipes is Laura in the Kitchen. This one has more of a focus on Italian-American recipes, and while I don't think it's quite as good as Food Wishes, there's still a lot there to watch and drool over.
right here! watched alot of chef john last year for senior year in my high school culinary class and fell in love with the food! what are your thoughts on iron chef Masaharu Morimoto? i remember last year going on a culinary trip to disney and eating at morimoto's in disney springs the rock shrimp tempura was soooooooooooooo good
By Deleted User 30863
Ooh I haven't heard of this iron chef, I'll definitely check it out though! Thanks for the tip :)

Anyone who works with Disney is good in my book. I love the food festival at Epcot, I went a long time ago but I'd love to go back one day! The last time I went to any of the Disney parks was when I was in Paris with a friend of mine, and he (annoyingly) packed a lunch so I didn't get to eat in any of the restaurants. Nice gesture, but grr. :P

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