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So I recently tried Twinkie ice cream......I have never had a twinkie bofore tho. But this ice cream well if a twinkie taste just like that I'd try it. I had a very strong and sweet vanilla flavor. and little tiny pieces of the cake in it. but anyways i give it 5 cookies out of 5 cookies! :heart: :yes: :eat: :share:
Welcome to the wonderful world of softness bakery goods.
Oh, and whatever you do.
Eat the banana twinkies......

You wont have any money left from buying so much after you take that one bite.

This is something I have to try!! What brand of ice cream was it ?? I love Twinkies but haven't eaten them for years due to being extremely unhealthy and research of being good after 30 years on the shelf. Still have to try this though. Thank you for sharing.
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By Emily
I just saw this at the store, actually. It seems super interesting, but it makes me wonder about how effective it is. Like, I've been to the county fair before, and tried deep-fried Twinkies, that have been dipped in chocolate, and sprinkles, and I mean, they were good, but not something to compromise my diet over. I don't know, I'm probably just too strict in real life :/
You can actually get deep fried Twinkies packaged at the frozen foods section of some supermarkets, but I imagine someone would have to be very silly to buy something so sugary, fattening and processed.

...I'll come back to let you all know how it is.
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