Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Truth Ideas:
  • Have you ever...wet yourself when you didn't have a diaper on?
  • Have you ever...used your diaper in public?
  • Have you ever...kissed someone while you were wearing a diaper and they didn't know?
  • Have you ever...had to sneak in a stuffed animal with you when you were spending the night some place other than home so you'd actually sleep?
  • Tell us...an embarrassing story of when you were feeling little or like a Caregiver and something unexpected/embarrassing happened.
  • As a Caregiver, have you ever...tried wearing a diaper, using a pacifier, or drinking from a sippy cup before?
  • ...
Dare Ideas:
  • Wear as many diapers at once as you can get strapped down on you for the rest of the chat and tell the chat room how many you've got on.
  • Fill your diaper with as much baby powder as you can and wear it for the rest of the chat game.
  • Post a picture of yourself (face, body, or both) right now on the site for us all to see.
  • Go outside and check the mail while wearing only a t-shirt and diaper, while sucking on a pacifier, or while carrying a stuffed animal.
  • Call this fake phone number 206-569-5829 (people give it out at bars in Seattle, WA when they're not interested in the person they're giving "their" number to there. See more and listen to some here, if you'd like: http://www.movin925.com/brooke-jubal-in ... oser-line/) and pretend you're leaving a voicemail for someone you met at the bar/club tonight--only end up confessing that you like to wear adult diapers, use an adult pacifier, or sleep with your stuffed animal every night even though you're XX years old!
    • If you're a Caregiver, you can alternatively leave a voicemail pretending to try to get in touch with somebody you met at a bar but refer to yourself as Daddy or Mommy instead of any other name. (Example: "This is Daddy and I was just calling to say you were beautiful tonight, babygirl!" / "Mommy just wanted to call and leave her your love sweet boy. It was so nice meeting you tonight at the club.")
    (Don't leave your real personal details--they may play the call live on a radio talkshow!)[list]How to hide your number:
    Dial *67.
    Enter the number you wish to call (including area code).
    Tap the Call button to dial. Your number will come up as "Private" or "Anonymous".


Post your ideas below!
Eeeeek! This game is positively eeevil.

Tell me the story of the first diaper, pacifier, or daddy/mommy experience you can remember and why it was special, or not special to you.

Tell me about the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a diaper/or during a CG/L experience.

If you can, write "I'm a little diaper babby" on your diaper and post a pic for the chat to see.


Put a diaper on your head and post a picture for the chat to see.
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