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Unfortunately im slightly incontinent but don't always have the funds available to buy proper nappys so tend to wear the pull up type incontinence pants so often struggle when i do have the chance to buy nappys but after reading this thread I'll be giving these suggestions a try :)
ive read of people who have to slowly work themselves into it. Sitting on the lid of the toilet and going into a diaper, and then standing and going, and then eventually working your way up to being able to go anywhere. i think it just takes practice, and making sure youre comfortable. although, i dont have much experience myself so i dunno how good my advice is ::p: good luck!
I know that this is an older post but I want to give my advice on this.
This is much harder to do then anyone might believe but there are ways like practice standing up and peeing in the potty and then it will be easier to take the same position and go while wearing a diaper. You could just drink tons of fluids to the point where your body wouldn't care where you were and that will allow you to go with almost no resistance.
There are other ways like a safe version of hypnosis, practice with the same position when going, and pressing on your bladder.
This is going to take time to be able to just simply let go but it is possible if you have enough patience.
Good luck!
~sincerely your friendly neighborhood baby boy
rleqh99 or Jordan
I've sometimes had trouble using my diaper while in bed, before. This goes into a whole different sort of problem, but I'm unable to fall asleep while I'm dressed as a baby. As a result, when I'd be lying in bed trying to sleep, I would inevitably need to use the bathroom. I don't know about you, but while you're wearing a full baby dress or romper, it is super hard to use the bathroom really efficiently. So I rationalize that the easiest way is by just using the diaper that's already on me, but it's just really hard to.

I feel like this problem is also psychological as well. A few months back, I was in full-on baby mode, but I was wearing my adult clothes (no diaper). I don't know what I was expecting, but I wet myself, and it just completely destroyed the entire mattress, and then my mom found out about it, and then we had to start shopping for a new mattress, and I had to tell the truth that I wet the bed, and she covered it up by saying I spilled a ton of water on the bed. As a result, even when I'm laying in bed, with a super absorbent diaper, I am just really fearful of having that happen again, even though I know I've used the diaper in the same bed in the past, and nothing has happened.
By EmTheDemiFairy
Since I usually wear regular underwear, by body often does the same thing because it is used to holding it in ulezs I'm sitting on a toilet.
What I do is just simply sit down and relax. I allow my mind to think about things that clam it down. Usually for me, this does the trick and gets the pee flowing.
I started by trying over the toilet or with it slightly pulled open basically reversed my potty training can still be hard for me sometimes thought there's many ways u can try not all of them may work but trying is the only way to start succeeding......
By SplsihySplashy99
I really thought when I started this just at the beginning of the Summer and since I was only going to wet in a Pull Up Diaper at bed time it was going to be really difficult and a pain to actually let it go into the diaper. I find that the right relaxing position and for me it is always lying in bed because it is always at night and being extremely relaxed and before I know it I feel the flow of pee pee going into my Pull Up Diaper and am able to curl up and go to back sleep.
If I can get started, even just a dribble, getting the rest out is easier and will happen without force. I started by sitting on the toilet enough to get started peeing. Then I stand up. Even if I stop peeing when I stand, next time i relax it will start again. Now if I have trouble I can squat down to start then go back to what I was I doing before while I finish peeing in my diaper.

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