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So I have the issue where I love wearing diapees but if I want to use them for wetting, my body won't allow me to actually go. I could down a bucket of water and have it knocking at the flood gates, but I have the hardest time just letting go.

The way I first started practicing bladder release was just to find a position I was extremely comfortable releasing in. For instance. I would stand in front of the toilet to pee myself. Another thing you can try is urinating in the shower. When you train yourself to release your water while touching water, you can easily release while washing your hands or something similar (this is a double edged sword however).
It really is all about practice practice practice though. You won't wet yourself easily right away thanks to years of potty training you'll have to somewhat undo. Keep working at it and eventually you'll feel comfortable wetting in any position.
Also: Keep in the back of your mind and occasionally think to yourself, "my diaper is safe to pee in"... a little subconscious affirmation so that your body doesn't lock up and think you're 'peeing your pants'
Some hypnosis files are designed to be permanent...and in cases like mine I listen to a file that enforces wetting only when wearing a diaper and now when ever I put on a diaper I have to struggle to not wet it. But I never once had that problem when I wasn't wearing a diaper. It is always a personal choice if you want to use hypnosis but if you are make sure you use a reputable hypnotist.
Well...for me, it was all about the practice. Start simple. Start in the bathroom, by yourself and just trying to relax letting yourself know this is okay. If it is helpful I recommend sitting on the potty in your diapers so you're in the same position as you would be when you're going without the diaper. This could help some. Then as this becomes a bit easier try not being in the bathroom when you wet, maybe a bedroom or somewhere you can still be a bit private, and then once you're more comfortable keep trying different positions and different spots in the house or even outside of the house. Anyways, good luck! you can do this!
Drink a bunch of water then you could try taking a water pill like diurex or something like that. I used to do that when I was new to wearing and it would have me wetting frequently. Like other people said find the position your most comfortable in and try going in places where you know it's ok if you leak like in the tub until you get confidence that it won't leak and it's ok to go wherever.
Whatever you do, do not listen to what the internet can claim. Forcing it, or using medical forcing can and WILL be dangerous. It is best to just be healthy, exersise, eat well, drink plenty of water (But not to much as water poisoning is a real danger) and practice by standing by the toilet and wet yourself normally WITHOUT force. Then go to bed, wet yourself prior before, relax and listen to some ocean waves or something, and then go BACK to bed and take a nap for a little bit with a wet diaper, and repeat. There is no true incontinence without risk, I suggest you do it at will only, and your body will naturally do the rest.
Jus wanted to say and ik this wasnt my post but this was some really gud advice. I have struggle sometimes using my diapys i mean i really have to force myself. Its not dat i feeel embarrassed if i do or dat i dont want to it jus even wen i goto potty it takes me awhile. Maybe i jus need to goto the doctor. But some of this advice was really gud.

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