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Discuss styling or wearing garments like cloth or disposable diapers, pull-ups, training pants, rompers, onesies, shortalls, dresses, plastic jewelry, and more. We can also help with designing little zones in your homes. Let us help you create your new look or redecorate your space!
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Hi, I’m new to the little space , i regress to the ages2-5 . The pacifiers I have are not adult ones. Where do y’all get your pacifier, bottles and diapers from? I want to start bed wetting and wearing diapers which diapers should I get ? And if I want to get a care taker how do I go about finding one
I buy my pacis on Amazon but u can hug them badazzled/custom from lots of places. If u search tiktok for custom pacifiers or adult pacis lots of shops and pages will come up. I am no help on bottles but for diapers if ur new to it I suggest the ones at Walmart to start to make sure ur gonna like it then the ones on Amazon and Again tiktok is a good resource. Cgs can be found lots of places but please beware there are mean people in this world. Wish u the best of luck 💝
By Deleted User 72771
Some good places to get larger pacifiers would be
1. Amazon
2. Little For Big
3. Etsy ( especially bedazzled ones!)

Bottles are usually regular bottles with the larger Nuk nipples on them! But as a 2-5 yo, you could probably get away with a few sippie cups!

Diapers can be found
1. Amazon
2. Little for Big
3. Rearz
4. Bambino

Again with that 2-5 yo Little age, I bet you could also get away with Goodnites. They now offer an L/XL size that fits very nicely (im a 30" waist) and any of the Luvs/Pampers size 7 can be modified to work as well.

Caretakers can be found on several different places! I always recommend "Vetting" them in a vanilla sense before you open your Little side. I have had several great CG's/Big's and some not-so-great ones that were it in for the wrong reasons.

Best of luck! Welcome to our Little World :pinkh:
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