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By Twmom
Gotta have a sleep study soon. Already told them I wear diapers at night . Due to wetting when I get up . So I will diaper up for it. I've decided I will just tell them I sometimes actually wet the bed and just use my diaper. Alot easier then having to tell them when I have to pee.
I’m gonna have surgery within a year and plan on telling them I sleep with a pacifier, stuffie and blanket.
I’d rather have them thinking I’m bonkers than go through a hospital stay without them.
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By Elvie
A friend of mine is an ER nurse and let me tell you something, that won't even be close to the strangest thing they see that week! Hospital workers see all kinds of unusual things, and the nurses at least only care that you're polite and treat them well; beyond that they're too busy working to give it much thought.
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By carrie
i have had the missfortune to be in and out of hospital a lot over the last 10 years , and in that time i have only met 2 not nice nurses , 1 was an agency who wanted to do as little as possible and another was a night nurse who was to buissy reading the news paper to help me while i was having a stroke and did not tell the day staff what had happened , but all the other nurses have been super and could not be nicer or more helpful

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