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:pinkh: So I live in a small apartment with my mother and I have a very strange relationship with my mother. I have not told anyone I know in my life about little space. I just feel I don’t know enough about it and I don’t want people to feel weird around me. My room has been very messy for some time and I was at my dads house for the weekend. I was talking to my dad about how frustrated I was with my mother and we decided a goal should be to try to work on my room. So I went home ready to do that, but when I got there my room was clean. I am trying to change my reactions with my mom to be more positive so I didn’t want to be mad at my mom. I know she found my diapers I was trying out and I felt embarrassed but I thought maybe she would ignore it. So when she picked me up I was trying to be positive about it until she said “I’m a little concerned about the diapers I found in your room.” And I got super embarrassed and nervous I felt like crying. She was like “is something wrong? I wish you would talk to me about these things.” And I didn’t know what to say so I made up an excuse and told her I wish she didn’t clean my room for me. And she got upset and started saying that she almost cried because she was upset for me living like that. I tried to tell her it wasn’t anything bad and she was like “so you just like wearing diapers?” And scoffed. She said she wants to talk about it more but I’m not really ready to tell her. I am trying to be positive but now I’m feeling super anxious and worried about telling her. I’m also still trying to prove to my mother that I’m an adult and I don’t need her. So this was the worst time for her to find out about little space. I’m not sure what to do in this kind of situation I’m still very new to little space. If anyone has some ideas or similar experiences it would be really helpful. Thank you
We are sorry that this happened to you at a rather unfortunate time! We were in a similar position many years ago when our parents found out. It was a frightening event for us and an awkward event for them.

We were caught with diapers in our teenage years. We went about it the wrong way, though, and we wish it hadn't happened. What ultimately helped us mend our relationship with our parents was to continue doing good in school and prove to them that we were capable of sustaining ourselves as individuals. In our case, actions spoke louder than words, and it took time and consistency to prove to our parents that having childhood interests didn't hinder our development.

Being a Little doesn't mean that you're incapable of successfully being a grownup. From the time we were caught to this day, we have grown up, gotten married, moved out, started a successful career, and have had many successes! We understand that you believe your mother may disqualify you as an adult for having interests in childhood items. Don't let this demoralize you, though! We are sure that you've had plenty of achievements as you've aged and progressed through life. You could bring those up in conversation with your mother if that ever occurs.

We feel that the conversation (if it ever occurs) should be carried out casually. You are who you are, and the fact that your mother knows shouldn't change the relationship that you have with her. It may feel like a big deal in the moment, but playing it cool will potentially ease your mother and just make the matter of your personality a non-essential discussion topic.

With our parents, they know that we are Little, wear and use diapers, and are partnered with Mommy. Our conversations never center around that, and we just talk to them like always.

Anyway! We wish you the best, and we hope that the situation with your mother has smooth resolution.

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