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I rarely wear diapers in littlespace unless I'm feeling really small. I've only wore them a few times and I felt really comfy but I only ever wear them for a little while and just take it off. Recently I had wore one and the aspect of actually ruining the diaper scared me a little bit?
I did end up wetting it and it made me feel really mad and upset at myself and now I'm starting to think wearing a diaper in littlespace is not a good idea even if they make me feel really little.
Has anyone else ever felt really upset after wearing a diaper in littlespace and if it's maybe normal to feel like that?
Immediately I thought of a few reasons why you may have felt bad and upset with yourself:

  • The cost of the diaper may be something you consider to be expensive. Wetting and/or messing the diaper meant you have now “wasted” the money since you’ll need to buy or use another diaper the next time you want to wear one.
  • The feeling that you’re now “locked in” to using the diapers any time you wear them. The feeling that now that you’ve used one you’ll always be using them, even if you don’t want to use it, as if you’ll develop a medical need.
  • The notion that you are “getting out of control” by giving into the desire to also use these more babyish items. This could be especially true if you have previously resisted “giving in” or told yourself that soiling the diaper is “going too far” and something you just wouldn’t do.
  • The feeling that you can’t regress any younger or are now not allowed to regress older that diaper-age.
  • The thought that you’ve done something “nasty” by using the diaper. That you’re acting in an unhygienic way for no good reason. This could even manifest in feeling shameful, disgusted by yourself, or even guilt.
  • The “rush” or euphoria of finally using the diaper passed so it feels strange to realize how happy or exciting it felt when you were thinking about and actively using the diaper. You probably had some adrenaline surge for a few moments.
In the end, this is something you’re going to need to think about and work to mentally resolve so that you don’t hold onto these unhappy feelings. Using a diaper is not generally a big deal once you think more logically:

  • You aren’t giving up control or losing control over yourself. This isn’t crack white lines. Diapers aren’t an addictive drug. You aren’t an addict.
  • You can factor in finances and budget yourself so many optional-use diapers a week. There are lower cost options! You aren’t locked into medically-necessary use so you have plenty of cost-effective options.
  • Using diapers does not cause diaper dependency. You aren’t harming your body.
  • Regression fluctuates for most regressors. It’s okay to feel older or younger than you typically do. It’s normal.
  • Diapers were created with the intention of being soiled. As long as you’re being reasonable by changing your soiled garment(s) and cleaning your skin then you’re not doing anything not factored into even the medical use of these items.
  • Just because your adrenaline rush has passed doesn’t mean something bad happened. Those natural responses and excitement just can’t last forever. You didn’t do anything wrong, and in time you’ll settle back down to feeling like the experience was akin to riding a new rollercoaster at a theme park.
I feel like feeling uneasy, confused, or just generally bad after a deeper regressive experience or in exploring new regressed things is common. Give yourself time and patience to work through your feelings. Try to be reasonable with yourself and your lines of thought when evaluating what’s happened. Try to relax to your regular state so you can continue to experience, explore, discover, and enjoy your regression.
Thank you so much this really helped!! I've been working on trying to be more comfortable with fluctuations in my regressions and exploring new things and this reply helped me understand a little about what I might be going through.
I opened an account to try to help. I'm new to this and I don't have a little of my own. But I enjoy reading the stories of the littles on here.
I want to ask. We're you in little space with no care giver?
I gather you were pretty far into little space. I just read an old thread of littles actually have trouble starting to wet diapers. So in my mind. in deep L.S. you allowed an "accident" and the normal reaction to that is to be sad and feel bad.
Do you think it would have been a better experience if a CG Comforted you after your accident?
For me the fantasy of a little deep in L.S. having an accident while coloring or playing with her stuffies. Then running to me in tears, crying for daddy so I can wrap her up in a huge hug and comfort her is very satisfying.
I would say if you go to little space alone try finding a large teddy. And if / when you have an accident run to your bear and hug it.
Then in your mind hear me saying to you:
"You're ok. Daddy's got you now."
"I know you tried to stay dry for me and i'm so proud of you."
"It was just little accident, don't be upset."
"We'll get you cleaned up, but let's fix your feelings first."
"I love you. Your my little prince/princess"

Just my thoughts.
I hope this helps.
By Deleted User 63100
I’m new to this and don’t wear diapers, but I had a “big girl” accident last night and almost cried. How you would approach it would have been very helpful to me. 🦄🌸
If this happened in little space I would think your little reached a new level of calm and serenity. Next time wear special pants. If your scared about this it will affect how much you relax and enjoy little space. A lot of littles say diapers are soft and comforting.
If this happened in big girl world where you normally have all the control of a big girl it may be a medical issue. I would give you a bottle of cranberry juice to help with any infection type things and / or talk to your doctor
As for the tears. The only way I know to fix that is tons of hugs and cuddles.

Just my opinion.
I hope it helps.
I see
I'm not a doctor in any way, shape, or form.
Im a mechanic. I have spent years prioritizing what gets fixed first.
I strongly believe that with your experience and reaction to it comfort and cuddles need to come first. Not just a quick hug. I mean set you down on my lap and wrap you up in a warm hug. I understand you were probably wet from bum to toes, but that doesn't matter. You need comfort and reassurance that it's ok to be sad, it's ok to be scared, it's ok to cry.
This would reassure you that your feelings are priority 1, you are priority 1.
It's my concern that if you go straight to getting cleaned up (while it is a careing gesture and course of actions) little you might be hearing in a nonverbal way that love and access to attention is conditional.
I.e. I can't get cuddles till I'm in a format daddy approves of. Clean, dry, soft, warm, and cute.
Being pulled on to daddy's lap for cuddles when you were wet will enforce that you are loved unconditionally.
I believe this could be therapeutic. I imagine 10-20 minutes to cry if you need to. To feel your feelings, and experience your emotions.

Sorry i'm rambling. I'm re-watching season two of mandalorian and my headspace is in overdrive.

I hope this helps a little princess feel better.

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