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I dunno if it counts--I don't really wear diapers. But! My friend has a bleeding disorder where she has to wear disposable underwear most of the time. I borrowed one once because I was staying with her and ran out of pads... and let me tell you, it was really comforting, actually. I didn't have to worry about whether the pad was catching everything. Genuinely, it put me more at ease. So I get it, for sure.

I might actually transition to disposable underwear bc I have slight incontinence issues, and it would just be easier overall. Pads are a horror to work with for me, anyway. Can never get them to stay in place. I have a lot of stained underwear. :(

Bottom line? I can absolutely see where wearing them during that time of the month can be comforting. :D Use on, I say! :bye:
During my time, when its bad, I like wearing depends. It catches everything, and I don't have to worried about if i roll in bed, about if I leak "red aunt" all over it. I only used them when the "red evil aunt" is very bad, maybe up to 6 depends during "red aunt". Might even start using during all "red aunts." :srsly:

And whoever can make pads work is very much a perfectionist..... For I too have underwear that is stained. :-.-:

I can see how it makes you feel comfort, using diapers, during that time so go on with using them I say as well! :splode:
Even before I started being a little depends have been waaaay better than pads. Pads always slip and move around even with the good ones and it's not something you want if you have a heavy flow like me. I alternate sometimes but it helps in a way to feel small. I just pretend they're pull ups! I still don't wear them all the time if I have tampons though but that's more of a personal preference.

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