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I have IBS, will wearing diapers cause incontinence or some type of diaper dependency?

Posted: |October 16th, 2020|, 11:51 pm
by Deleted User 62293
Hey guys so I’m new to this diaper thing i have IBS c for starters and my meds make me have bowel inconstancy so Mommy decided diapers would be a good idea however when I regress myself I’m afraid that my body will also suddenly just not be able to control anything anymore there are days where yes I can make it to the bathroom other times I cannot if I regress more and more will my body become very inconstancy when it comes to diapers Mommy doesn’t want this 24/7 and I don’t blame her one bit but I’m curious about what others think

Re: New to diapers

Posted: |October 17th, 2020|, 9:50 am
by CosmianAndNovella
Short answer is no. Long term diaper usage and long term regression do not cause any form of incontinence.

Regression is a state of relaxation where you are more in tune with your innermost childish thoughts and feelings. It is not a magical transformation of your mind nor your body.

Incontinence doesn't just appear out of nowhere - you cannot will your body into becoming incontinent. Even if you are taking medicine that has a side effect of temporary incontinence, these effects are not at all related to regression.

We do wish that your condition improves and that you and your partner find acceptance!

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