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Hey guys so I’m new to this diaper thing i have IBS c for starters and my meds make me have bowel inconstancy so Mommy decided diapers would be a good idea however when I regress myself I’m afraid that my body will also suddenly just not be able to control anything anymore there are days where yes I can make it to the bathroom other times I cannot if I regress more and more will my body become very inconstancy when it comes to diapers Mommy doesn’t want this 24/7 and I don’t blame her one bit but I’m curious about what others think
Short answer is no. Long term diaper usage and long term regression do not cause any form of incontinence.

Regression is a state of relaxation where you are more in tune with your innermost childish thoughts and feelings. It is not a magical transformation of your mind nor your body.

Incontinence doesn't just appear out of nowhere - you cannot will your body into becoming incontinent. Even if you are taking medicine that has a side effect of temporary incontinence, these effects are not at all related to regression.

We do wish that your condition improves and that you and your partner find acceptance!

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