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When I was 19-21, I had a few random bed wetting accidents and never or figured out why. It’s actually one of the reasons I started wearing because I was afraid it would keep happening and I was too embarrassed to see a doctor or therapist. Nowdays sometimes — but not often — I wet my diapers when I am asleep, but it only happens on occasions when I am wearing a diaper; I don’t have bedwetting accidents anymore. I guess my subconscious figured out when it’s safe and when it’s not?

It makes me feel incredibly little to wake up to a wet diaper, especially if my caregiver checks me and finds out too. The first time it happened I woke up and was so overwhelmed I started crying. I was worried something was permanently wrong with me.

Has anyone else experienced wetting when asleep, or something similar?
PrettyLittlePrincess wrote: 6 days ago Has anyone else experienced wetting when asleep, or something similar?

I have... rather recently actually. I don't wear diapers -- kinda curious about them but scared to start, haha -- but I was recently having incidents whenever I would sleep.
Take a nap? Wet. Sleep for the night? Wet. Doze enough for my bladder to release even the tiniest bit? Wet.
It was kinda scary but the problem, at least for me, was solved with a medicine change.
I... will admit, it took me back to being actually little. In all seriousness, I wet my bed until I was 8 or so... it was a real throwback.

Know this was a diaper-wearers post, and I don't wear 'em... I just wanted to reassure you that you're not the only one who has had bedwetting in their adult lives!
Thank you for sharing your experience! I am glad to hear that you got the issue solved; having actual incontinence issues is no fun at all.

If you ever want to act on your curiosity, the abdl stores often offer sample packs of 3 or so diapers to try. There is one store that sells pull-up cotton training pants too, which I wear when I am feeling somewhere between not quite little and not quite big. For me diapers provide a lot of comfort and confidence, and are a wonderful “self care” item if i am feeling anxious or depressed.
I can't say I've ever had a bedwetting problem, my bladder is very strong. But then I basically grew up in the car. I played a lot of sports when I was young and I never played close to home so if we missed the bathroom you needed to hold it. I get to the stage where sometimes I forget that I was going to go to the bathroom then someone else reminds me a few hours later that I left the room to go to the bathroom but never actually went to the bathroom because I forgot. But everyone needs to go sometimes, and for me, it's usually when I'm settled down at night, but then once I'm all settled and ready for bed and all cuddled up in the blankets, I don't want to go to the bathroom so I just prefer to have the option to stay put. I don't see a problem with diapers, maybe because I'm a girl. But I stopped using tampons because I was paranoid about the toxic shock syndrome that people can get from them, especially since I forget when I need the restrooms so often. So I thought the pads were a safer bet and I honestly don't find them all that far off from regular diapers. I just like that the diapers don't shift around as much and they're a lot more leak resistant. In fact, I'd been looking to get pads and I picked up poise on accident because I thought they looked the same and I didn't read the label, but I'm not bothered in the least. I left them in the bathroom and I don't think my mom even looked twice at them or even considered what they were actually meant for lol. But then she knows that for one my comfort zone is rather extensive because I can be rather odd at times. and also she knows that I am a bit of an air head and I barely notice when I make these sorts of blunders, nor do I really care either way.
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