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I heard in an episode of Supernanny that if a child wears a diaper past the typical potty-training age (about 2 or 3), it actually delays potty training and stunts developmental growth.

Also, being autistic, I am more sensitive to smell. Do you really think I want to be near you if you’re well past a toddler physically yet smell like shiznit? I can guarantee you I don’t.

If I started peeing or $hizzing myself on purpose, I would literally be sent to a mental hospital.

I apologize if this offended anybody but I just think diapers are unsanitary and harmful to one’s mental health in the long run.
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By admin
First and foremost, our site is strictly for adults (18 years or older) and well past the typical potty training age. We do not approve of the idea of not potty training any child. We do not approve of exposing a child to adult diaper wearing. We do not approve of involving any child in a personal decision to wear adult diapers as an adult individual.

The people you are talking to here are adults, some of which make the personal decision as an adult to purchase and wear a certain type of undergarment on their adult body underneath their other clothing choices.

Adult diapers are an underwear, and if an adult chooses that clothing option then it is not connected to the potty training of a child. An adult wearing a diaper under their clothes or in private does not interfere with a child being potty trained. These are two completely different things.

You don’t have to become another person to respect their personal decision in underwear preference. Someone else’s undergarments logically do not effect you.

I’m sure many elderly folks who may wear disposable briefs due to the embarrassment in the natural progression of age and bodily deterioration would feel hurt by the statements made here.

I’m sure parents who put their newborn in a fresh diaper do not feel it is unhygienic or unsanitary, and I don’t believe the average pediatrician believes any differently.

I’m sure people who have medical conditions, including restrictions with their mobility, do not feel it’s appropriate to be degraded for wearing undergarments that ease the strain of self-care.

Just like most personal clothing choices, I find it difficult to believe one single garment can cause mental health issues for an adult. That generally is not how psychological disorders occur.

Adult diapers are designed to reduce odors that come from adult wastes. As a person with an above-average sense of smell who is partnered to diaper wearers I can tell you that used diapers are mostly inoffensive when soiled, assuming the person is fully clothed and has decent hygiene to not be wearing the waste for many, many hours (logically putting them at risk of a rash or skin infection). It’s unusual that an adult diaper wearer intentionally risks public exposure or serious skin irritation by making a choice to wear a soiled garment over long periods of time while in the general public. Even still, plenty of strangers I’ve passed in stores have had foul body odors, completely unrelated to diaper-wearing, and I’ve been well capable of respecting them.

Please try to be mindful of others and present a respectful attitude. Autism is not an excuse to belittle others for their personal choices that realistically do not effect you. Autism does not make you oblivious to your choice in condescending language. Please take a moment to consider others before making the choice to publicly degrade a personal, private, and harmless choice that some people make. Acknowledging that you’re likely being offensive by saying you apologize if you offend anyone well after saying clearly disrespectful statements does not make it okay to be saying these things.

If you don’t have anything nice to say then it’s often best that you just don’t say anything at all.

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