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I'm a plus size little and I have a (possible) caregiver I've been talking to who is highly into diapering. I do own a pocket style cloth diaper that I occasionally wear but he's been requesting that I wear it 24/7 and I'm realizing how uncomfortable the padding in the crotch area is when it clashes against my inner thighs because they are both pretty thick. the only time it feels remotely comfortable is when i wear it without any inserts but that defeats the purpose to protect against when I have accidents. Does anyone know of a different kind of diaper that could feel more comfortable or any tips or tricks for better comfort or is this just a I need to lose weight and that's that situation. Any help or insight would be gladly appreciated.

thanks :what:
Thigh irritation is common and usually happens from friction against trapped moisture in the upper layers of skin, and where there isn’t really adequate airflow in that area to allow the skin to “breathe”. Since the diaper is between this area that you may naturally have a little excess moisture then it makes sense to have some chaffing. Diapers (any type) just aren’t breathable—they are designed to not allow moisture to pass through.

A lot of “the best” solutions end up requiring a person to add a thin additional layer of breathable clothing, such as leggings, under what they’re already wearing. This thin layer helps to wick just enough moisture away from the skin to be used as a barrier to the rubbing. You may just want to wear shorts (“bike shorts” are helpful since they aren’t lose and flowy) or leggings over your diaper and underneath your typical clothing, or consider trying those onesies with the longer, shorts style legs such as the rompers from Tykables.

A lot of people with larger thighs will powder their skin with baby powder, women’s powder, or anti-chafing specific powder throughout the day to reduce chafing and skin irritation. There are also “chub rub” creams that some find success in using. I’m not sure these options would help with diaper chaffing on the thighs (because it isn’t typical skin-on-skin chaffing but, instead, skin-on-nonbreathable-fabric) but they are low cost enough to consider trying out if something sounded really cool to you. A quick Google search for anything I’ve mentioned above should find you a few things to potentially try.

As a last thought, it could be possible that the diaper leg gussets are not actually tight enough on your body. If there is even a small gap the it would allow surrounding skin to collect more moisture (even if you don’t wet the diaper since that area of the body is naturally prone to sweating and being more moist than other areas), and allow the diaper more movement to cause more friction. Diapers, including around the legs on the crotch area, should rest against your skin. Saying from experience, cloth diapers can end up with a gap with the more layers inserted. You could try to find cloth diapers with double gussets or give a disposable diaper a try to see if the fit is better. Pocket diapers can be finicky anyway.
It's not chaffing I'm experiencing it's just the uncomfortable feeling of something puffy i.e the padding from the diaper pushing against something else puffy i.e
my inner thigh. It's just the feeling of the two bulky things being squished together. whenever I wear normal standard underwear I don't have anything padded there so I mean my inner thighs just rest naturally together. so I guess it's more along the problem of just the bulkiness of the padding touching my inner thigh and it just feels weird.
SmolHyo wrote: my inner thighs just rest naturally together. so I guess it's more along the problem of just the bulkiness of the padding touching my inner thigh and it just feels weird.
A very known feature of a good diaper is to have enough padding . No decent diaper will be thin enough to not feel bulky in some way. Even on bio-babies, diapers are considerably bulky and cause some leg separation.

It sound like you will need to make some compromises in order to have diapers as part of your daily life. We don't think cloth diapers are right for you. Cloth needs to be considerably thick to be effective, as cloth is less absorbent than polymers found in disposable diapers.

We believe you should look into using regular disposable incontinence products, such as Depends or generic adult briefs.

Bear in mind that:
  • the thinner the diaper is, the less fluids it will be able to hold.
  • a narrower diaper will be more likely to leak due to the closeness of unwicked wetness to the leg barriers.
These will obviously not perform as well as higher-end products, so you'll require to change more often.

Good diapers will need sufficient padding and material to keep the moisture from seeping through. If you want to try different things out, check out the List of ABDL diaper suppliers on DateCGL.
I'm also unsure if I'm actually doing the padding right in this style because I haven't been able to find somewhere to give information on how to properly pad them I mean I'm not sure if I should be just layering them all on top of each other if I should be spreading them around and placing them all around the open area.

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