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Public Diaper Change

Posted: |March 21st, 2020|, 11:42 am
by BittyBaby2
Hi fellow ABDL's! I have a quick question, i was just curious to see everybody's answers and read your stories. I was just wondering for those of you who wear diapers, have you ever had to change in public? If so where, and how did you do it without being noticed? For those of you who are the caregivers to an ABDL have you ever given a public diaper change? How did you feel? I am just curious that is all. I know for myself, I have had a couple public diaper changes. When I had a daddy, we went to the park one day and I was in just a goodnights pull-up because I was trying to be big :yes: but I didn't make it and i ended up doing a big wetting in my pull-up. My daddy noticed the swelling because at the time I was wearing yoga pants and he could see that I had just wet my pull-up and he knew that if I didn't get changed I would leak all over. So he took me to the car and at the time the park was really secluded and he changed my diaper in the back of the car. We were very careful to not expose myself or what we were doing and we definitely did not want to involve anybody else, so while I did get the necessary change I needed it was done with discretion and precaution. Personally, I enjoyed it. It made me feel that much more small and put me more into my little space. Thanks for reading and responding! :pacy:

Re: Public Diaper Change

Posted: |April 23rd, 2020|, 12:23 am
by MichaelAidenPeace
Hey! yeah when I was in college I would occasionally wear discretely around campus and would change in the bathrooms around campus. At my school we had single stall bathrooms that were called "all gender bathrooms" so I used those but when those weren't available I could do it standing against a wall of a stall or even go back to my dorm and change it there.