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Hi everyone! I use diapers during the day, always discreet, and they work great for regular wettings, even two of them! But I have yet to find a diaper that can handle that first pee in the morning because it's just soooo much, but it's always when I have an accident the most! Any brands you can reccomend that won't cost an arm and a leg? (Bonus if its sold at walmart or Walgreens so I can use my carecredit)
My babies and I really prefer the Bambino Magnifico adult diapers. The twins are heavy wetters and the diapers definitely hold up to the challenge. They are ABDL specific diapers though so could be out of your budget, especially if you want to use them more than just a nighttime or morning wetting diaper.

We’ve been trying to reduce the use of disposable diapers on our end. Right now we’ve found it helpful to slide in a booster to extend the life of the diaper. The Tena intimates overnight pads (number 7 on their absorbency line) holds a large wet really, really well—so well that we can simply use the Bambino diaper to catch any small leaks and use the diaper itself more as a shell. We’ve gone from using 4-5+ Bambino diapers a day to only 1 (and about 7 pads, which is massively cheaper and less wasteful for the environment).

What I’m getting to is that you could pair a decent diaper with a booster of sorts to maximize the absorbency potential. If you chose a “booster” pad that has a plastic backing then it’s very easy to just slice a slit down the center so the excess moisture can flow through and into the diaper. The Tena pads I’ve mentioned that we’re using are sold at Walmart and are more cost effective than high-end ABDL diapers but more reliable than the cheapest, off-brand diapers from Walgreens.

Fingers crossed you find the right diaper!
Admin's Babies here.

If you're looking for raw absorbency for a single wet that won't break the bank, we can wholeheartedly recommend investing in boosters. The ones that Mommy recommend have worked wonders for us.

Tena Intimates Overnight Pads you can buy at Walmart, and in the right presentation you can get for 33 cents a pad.

And as Mommy said, slitting the pad along the middle will allow excess moisture to pass through to the diaper.

A little tip. Try to wet while laying on your back to help the wetness slip down to the core of the diaper. Wetting while on your side is the riskiest position, as the wetness is prone to slip right through the leg gatherers. Wetting while on tummy is okay, but also high risk of leaks if a heavy wet, since it soaks towards the front and away from the core.
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