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I want to start wearing diapers, but I am so nervous. I want to put them under my clothes at one point; does it feel comfortable wearing them?
I never wore diapers before but I just brought some. Any advice or experience someone can share? If not, it okay.
It shouldn't be scary. Diapers are, ultimately, underwear.

If you bought some, best advice we can give you is try them on. We mean, there would not be another way of knowing.

We are active 24/7 diaper wearers, and use them for their intended purpose. We wear them under our clothes most of the time. Even the "thicker" ABDL ones are nicely covered under our clothes.

Out in public, people aren't staring at other people's crotches, and people aren't going around and pointing out that somebody else is wearing a diaper. For the most part diapers under clothes go unnoticed, unless some weirdo out there is specifically looking for them.

If wearing them for the first few occasions feels awkward, then just keep trying them out until you find comfort and familiarity in them. It took us a while to settle into a routine with them.

Is there anything that you'd like to know more about?
Hi so i have useed diapers only once or twice when i regress, i use them during my period and i feel that they help me to feel more little and my daddy at the time didnt mind it and i once actually had an accident cause i sneezed and the flood gates so to speak opened and i felt weird and i told my dady and he said that he said it was ok and that i needed to be changed and i felt so little and cared for. it isnt for everyone but if that is what you want to do go for it!
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