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Deleted User 54099 wrote: 1 year ago AzureAndVanilla covered it pretty excellently, I'd say listen to their advice!

But yeah, you won't really know if you "like" them until you and your little try. I'd definitely suggest giving it a go, but I may be a bit biased :P For me, diapers are a required aspect of my littlespace. They make me feel super little and super cute and they are just plain practical. But they also add a heightened level of intimacy between Mommy and baby. I really like how they reinforce that I need a Mommy too. It's a really special bond!

As for brands I'd also suggest ABU, they are really good quality, I love them! I haven't tried Bambino or Tykables, but I've only heard good things about them too.

Good luck in you and your little boys explorations! :)
You Didn't wear the little kids pullup did you
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By admin
Nicolediaper29 wrote: 1 year ago You didn't wear the little kids To pull up did you
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