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Diapers due to adult bedwetting?

Posted: |April 3rd, 2015|, 3:41 pm
by chubbybunny
Does anyone else have to wear diapers due to bedwetting? Only at night here.

I'm in my 20s and still have the problem. I like the diapers but it's kind of embarrassing that I use them every single night. I can't seem to control it. I had talked to a doctor when I was in my teens and there wasn't a lot that they could do. They gave me some medication at the time but it caused other health related issues that I just refuse to deal with.

How do you tell someone about it though, right? I can't really do over night stays with boyfriends or Daddies without having to let them know and it feels...scary. Anyone else having to deal with this?

Re: Diapers due to adult bedwetting?

Posted: |January 30th, 2017|, 11:13 am
by Spynz
Mine is a similar story. I was having problems off and on when I was growing up (still do, but I take medication to help). Mom and dad just thought it was just one of those things and I would feel bad for it when I was younger cause I was still having accidents. Turns out I was diagnosed epileptic when I was 11 and had grand-mal and petit mal seizures in my sleep which caused my accidents. I felt really self conscious about it until I told this to the girl I lost my virginity too. She was very understanding and sort of helped me foster the feelings I have today (she never made me feel bad about it, she actually cared more for my emotional state and well being as being in high school and wearing diapers was not exactaly in the "cool" category, which is not what my parents did). Only had one other person who treated me that way and it was my ex. I wouldn't get down on yourself and try to make the best of it.

Re: Diapers due to adult bedwetting?

Posted: |July 26th, 2020|, 4:50 am
by XxSall92xX
I’m currently going through this issue it’s all new to me, ive recently gone through a trauma and been diagnosed with ptsd and nightmare disorder (the nightmare disorder I’ve had for years but never spoken about and only when ptsd got diagnosed did I have temporary courage to mention my nightmares) anyways I started wetting the bed two months ago and then I started having accidents while awake to, i wear diapers to bed now, i havent left the house for months and nobody knows what I’m going through though.