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I only wear diapers in public every once in a while. I get a little nervous, and feel like I'm pushing my luck if I do it too often.

That being said, I find winter is a good time to do it, because you can really layer up, and that helps hide the diaper. I usually wear something more discreet like Attends or Depends, as opposed to all my thick printed diapers. And I have a plain black work shirt onesie, to help keep the diaper in place, and hopefully hide the crinkling a bit. Plus it helps prevent the diaper from sticking out the back or front of your pants. ::p: Then I wear my waterproof pants, they're loose fitting, and make swishy noises when I walk, to further help hide the crinkle. Plus they're black, so if they get wet, you can't really tell, and they dry quickly. :nodyes: Then a hoodie to further help cover things.

I've worn around people I know before, and no one seems to have noticed. And generally speaking, most people aren't staring at every random person who walks by, to try and see if they're wearing a diaper. I'm pretty sure it doesn't cross most peoples minds, unless they wear diapers themselves. And even if they did suspect, so what? Maybe you need to wear diapers, and what you choose to wear for "undergarments" really isn't anyone else's business.

As far as the anxiety, I get nervous beforehand, which is why I only do it every once in a while. But once I'm in public, I feel strangely confident. I'm normally very socially anxious, and I'm not a fan of crowds at all. But being in a crowd while wearing a diaper underneath, actually makes me feel pretty confident, which seems completely backwards haha. But I guess I sort of feel like I'm actually doing something I want to do, wearing something I want to wear, instead of bowing to social pressure. I'm not sure if anyone else experiences the same thing, or if I'm alone in that haha.
I will only wear in public if it is 100% that nobody else can see or tell that I'm wearing. I've only ever worn in public with a pair of dungarees, since it seems to hide them perfectly. I think that if it makes you feel more comfortable you should go for it! It's not like you're showing it off for the world to see, it's just for you and I think that's fine
i wear 24/7 and as such i obviously have a lot of experiance wearing in public and hopefully i can shed some advice on the doding thoughts of wearing in public..

i know this is going to be a controversial point and your probably going to disagree but i feel that the reality is no one really cares. that's it even if they see and understand whats going on under your clothes they just DO NOT CARE. this reasoning is far and wide but the general concensis is that if it's not hurting you or anyone else, is not damning a situation (like against god's will [or any other religion]), is not publicly causing upset by insiting vilence or hate, is not making anyone have to be inconvienenced in any way, nobody really cares. at MOST someone MIGHT point, and laugh or whisper if it is obvious taht you are wearing that would be the extent of that for the most part and may be an uncomfortable chat if it's someone you know (but i digress and get into that in a bit).

now that we get the public opinion taken care of lets chat about the real issue of this thread and that's you in diapers in public..

first discresion is probably key though i have met others where discretion is an unknown subject to them, anyways until you're comfortable being more relaxed heres some basics in being as dicreet as possible.
*baggy clothing is your friend. baggy clothing can easily cover the most poofiest and crinkliest of diapers.
*underwear is an overstatement. underarmor or just a light tee or tank top and underwear under your shirt but tucked into your pants greatly decreeses the possibility of exposure like from bending over (that causes the shirt to rise from behind you exposibg your underwear if its visible from abover the waist band of your pants)
*noise reduction or diversion. baggy clothing does a good job decreesing sounds of crinkles but not good in quite enviroments like classrooms so underwear over the diaper helps and so does having plasic bags for diversion.

these are just some tips i've learned over the years and since then i've become way more body possitive about it in that i do not care myself if I get caught, at worst i play it off like i have incontenence which isnt really a lie for me.

some things to keep in mind when/if you do start to wear more often out is that chaffing and rashing with diapers isn't fun and that baby powder will become your best friend especially if you need to wet the powder keeps your skin dry and prevents the acids in urine from hurting your skin, it keeps your skin from drying out and getting sweatty from all the friction of wearing in a warm confined space for a long time so dont underestimate or down play your powder needs.

if you become more leanent in your diaper needs then changing in public spaces may become a reality as well. keeping acouple of spare diapers, baby powder (may be travel size for space saving), a small thing of wet wipes and a roll of 4=gallon plastic bags found at every walmart are in my essential kit.
find a public restroom and stalls are likely to be your target. in your bag should be your 4 essential items. after dropping your pants i prefer to tearthe plastic off if i know there are others in the room this way it's much less noisy, using things like the hook on my door to hold my bag as it sits there partially open holding the fresh diaper, bags and powder, and things like the top side of the toilet or toilet paper dispenser place the dirty diaper on that open a fresh bag place it in there use wipes to clean yourself the seal the bag and place it in your main bag. open your fesh diaper again using the top of stuff as your surface or even your lap apply fresh powder to the diaper and then you can use the wall or stall door to support your back of the diaper and your bum quickly using tapes to your diaper fron, flush the toilet if needed to cover the noise pull your pants up tuck in and zip up your bacg and your ready to go, dispose of your trash at next earliest convienence without prying eyes.

anyways i hope this all provided some light and thought on the ideas of wearing in public and should be posted anywhere anyone else has thoughts of doing so in the future.
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